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4 flag Motivation for Leveling? Crygil General Discussion Kralzral
1 flag I think blizzard should reward those who were Crygil General Discussion Puzu
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1 flag Hand of Freedom nerfed, really? Ghostcrawler Healing Athlete
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1 flag Typing in other languages Radoslawn Interface and Macros Avocado
10 flag Proof that Chaosbolt doesnt ignore resilience Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Vaxitylol
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2 flag So, the 2nd Algalon kill has happened... Bornakk General Discussion Naberus
1 flag 27/05 Watch ESL TV Invitational live Slorkuz Player vs. Player Slorkuz
5 flag Have Keg, Will Travel Bornakk Achievements Xodok
1 flag ESL TV invitational Week 2! Slorkuz Player vs. Player Lyuze
2 flag Patch Notes (3.1.3) Wryxian General Discussion Wryxian
1 flag [Request] Link über paladin movies!! Slorkuz Paladin Inflicted
2 flag Battle.net Account Features Live In Europe! Wryxian General Discussion Wryxian
2 flag Cross-Language Battlegroups are here! Wryxian General Discussion Wryxian
2 flag Cross-Language Battlegroups are here! Wryxian Player vs. Player Wryxian
1 flag Prot as healers in PvP Ghostcrawler Healing Shuatahuma
3 flag Insignia taken: you may only resurrect at the Crygil General Discussion Dinkybanktwo
3 flag Chaos Bolt change depressing Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Malafar
4 flag Blizzard hates slower progressing guilds Crygil General Discussion Gungarr
1 flag Only Negative Posts???? Crygil General Discussion Shadesra
2 flag New Druid Art Topic Summary Zarhym Druid Ramahorn
1 flag Is Nax a Pre-Req for Ulduar? Crygil General Discussion Mcmagin
1 flag What's wrong with specialized tanking Ghostcrawler Tanking Aleyona
15 flag Any block fix requires a 100% block rate Ghostcrawler Tanking Marthe
1 flag Cairne doesn't do much does he? Kisirani General Discussion Suinet
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1 flag GC's view on pvp balance Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Beefpile
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8 flag New Druid Art Coming Soon* Updated 6/4 Zarhym Druid Zarhym
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1 flag Bloodlust has become mandatory again. Ghostcrawler Healing Valexena