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2 flag Hp stealth nerf or bug? Ghostcrawler Tanking Jayth
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2 flag Warlock Buff 3.3.2 Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Orìon
1 flag Incoming Devasate Buff for real 20% increase? Ghostcrawler Tanking Concept
1 flag Pre-WOTLK Quotes and What actually happened Ghostcrawler Tanking Gohan
1 flag Still No Magazine Vaneras General Discussion Revoltio
1 flag Gearscore Vaneras General Discussion Lillyia
1 flag Okay - CoS wait time is not really so bad Bornakk General Discussion Mindral
1 flag Lack of WG Feral shoulders Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Naturesfist
5 flag Battlecry Mosaic will never reach 100% Bornakk General Discussion Deathwingnut
1 flag Blizzard Slorkuz Player vs. Player Senantra
2 flag So no patch 3.4? Wryxian General Discussion Priesteey
4 flag 05/03 Recent In-Game Fixes Slorkuz General Discussion Vaneras
1 flag I just wont belive it. Vaneras General Discussion Frosthéàrt
1 flag Was there a change to Nibelung's proc rate? Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Samunde
1 flag Disabling Saronite Bombs Daelodev Raid & Dungeons Daelodev
2 flag Disabling Saronite Bombs Valnoth Dungeons & Raids Majabenini
1 flag The Endless Culling of Stratholme Bornakk General Discussion Laethal
3 flag 25 Saurfang OUT OF CONTROL - BUGGED Daelo Dungeons & Raids Zeldoran
2 flag Shadowmourne...the 1 hander! Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Zylos
12 flag 25 guild gets 1st KL 10 Kill. GG Bliz. Zarhym General Discussion Zaylin
1 flag Patch Support Wryxian General Discussion Wryxian
1 flag [BUG] Druids cannot buy WG melee shoulders Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Druan
1 flag DK sucks @ tanking? Vaneras Death Knight Fjantigt
1 flag Thoughts on WSG tactics Slorkuz Player vs. Player Dwgen
20 flag 03/02 Realms and Migration Wryxian General Discussion Fred
1 flag Worgen & Goblins - not paladins? Wryxian Cataclysm Klench
1 flag PVP Healing Nerf Slorkuz Player vs. Player Urrim
1 flag PvP as healer (paladin) Slorkuz Player vs. Player Larpme
1 flag 03/02 Patch 3.3.2 - The Lich King Shall Fall Vaneras General Discussion Vaneras
1 flag 03/02 Arena Season 8 Begins Vaneras Player vs. Player Vaneras
1 flag Some tips on your Paladin UI. Vaneras Paladin Unify
2 flag World of Warcraft App on Facebook Available Vaneras General Discussion Vaneras
1 flag I still have not received my WoW Magazine... Nethaera General Discussion Myoko
1 flag Gratz blizzard, now you destroyed PvP! Zarhym General Discussion Nubalol
1 flag WoW Battlecry Mosaic - 12th tile revealed! Vaneras General Discussion Vaneras
1 flag Fall of the Lich King Spoiler Alert Vaneras General Discussion Vaneras
2 flag Healing Debuff 'Double Dips' Warlocks/SPriest Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Curseomgownt
1 flag When is 10% not 10% Ghostcrawler Healing Nierro
1 flag 02/02 New Wallpapers: Scenes from Northrend! Slorkuz General Discussion Slorkuz
1 flag 02/02 Forum Watch Slorkuz General Discussion Slorkuz
1 flag Update: Auction House & Armory Integration Slorkuz General Discussion Slorkuz
1 flag Thoughts on new 5man changes. Daelo Dungeons & Raids Terralee
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