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2 flag Account-Wide Death Knight Creation Update Wryxian General Discussion Patchwerk
1 flag Yo yo Vaneras dawg Vaneras General Discussion Merked
1 flag LOL.....im gunna so get banned Wryxian Warlock Phonix
1 flag 21/01 Temporary Summoning Cooldown Wryxian Warlock Wryxian
4 flag Battle For Wintergrasp Temporarily Disabled Wryxian Player vs. Player Uothred
1 flag 21/01 New Arena Matchmaking System Wryxian Player vs. Player Wryxian
27 flag An OOX of your own Vrakthris Customer Service Forum Anillo
1 flag We told you so. Thanks for not listening. Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Sealgair
2 flag Majestic Dragon Fig - Intended nerf or bug? Ghostcrawler Healing Oom
1 flag I think GC is a fair person Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Jibjam
1 flag Affliction Damage Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Nicarras
1 flag Warlock Bugs 3.0.8 Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Zoyra
2 flag Doodad_Nox_Spider_03 is no more Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Cyro
1 flag Battle For Wintergrasp Temporarily Disabled Bornakk General Discussion Bornakk
1 flag Howling Blast CD? Ghostcrawler Tanking Deadsky
1 flag Hotfix Rapture Ghostcrawler Healing Domenico
1 flag 3.0.8 Major Known Issues Eyonix General Discussion Eyonix
11 flag Lost all skills and training Malkorix Customer Service Forum Invisidude
1 flag Just to clarify... Warlock Summoning Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Elleir
2 flag Howling Blast status Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Ghostcrawler
3 flag Ritual of Summoning status Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Ghostcrawler
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1 flag Why was mirror of truth changed to only melee Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Braveernest
2 flag Obliterate RP bug fixed? Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Metzger
1 flag Mirror of Truth? Really? Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Nightfellow
12 flag Account-Wide Death Knight Creation Updated* Nethaera General Discussion Nethaera
1 flag New Wallpaper: Ashbringer! Slorkuz General Discussion Slorkuz
1 flag Wrath of the Lich King Dungeon Pages Added! Slorkuz General Discussion Slorkuz
1 flag Luckily for us! Rogues tomorrow will be... Ghostcrawler Damage Dealing Bloodleaf
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