Pet buffs/debuffs

#0 - Oct. 30, 2010, 10:34 a.m.
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I shamelessly stole this list from the NA forums, as it was nice and faster than rewriting it. Thanks to the cow for making it.

Pet Buffs & Debuffs:

Wind Serpent (C), Dragonhawk (C) - +8% magic damage taken debuff
Ebon Plaguebringer - Unholy Death Knights
Curse of Elements - Warlocks
Earth and Moon - Balance Druids
Master Poisoner - Assassination Rogues

Hyenas (F), Rhinos (T), Boars (T) - +30% Bleed damage taken debuff
Mangle - Feral Druids
Blood Frenzy - Arms Warriors
Hemorrhage - Subtlety Rogues

Ravagers (C), Worms (T) - +4% Physical damage taken debuff
Brittle Bones - Frost Death Knights
Savage Combat - Combat Rogues
Blood Frenzy - Arms Warriors

Raptors (F), Serpents (C) - 12% Armor reduction debuff
Sunder Armor - Warriors
Faerie Fire - Druids
Expose Armor - Rogues

Devilsaurs (F)(E), Wolves (F) - +5% Ranged/Melee Crit chance buff
Leader of the Pack - Feral Druids
Rampage - Fury Warriors
Elemental Oath - Elemental Shamans
Honor Among Thieves - Subtlety Rogues

Silithids (C)(E) - 132 Stamina Buff
Power Word: Fortitude - Priests
Commanding Shout - Warriors
Blood Pact - Warlock (imp minion)
Scroll of Fortitude - made via Inscription

Corehound (F)(E) - 30% Haste for 40 seconds buff
Bloodlust / Heroism - Shaman
*This does cause the Sated / Exhaustion debuff

Cats (F), Spirit Beasts (F)(E) - 155 Strength & Agility buff
Battle Shout - Warriors
Horn of Winter - Death Knights
Strength of Earth Totem - Shaman

Bears (T) - 10% Physical damage dealt reduction debuff
Demoralizing Roar - Druids (bear form)
Demoralizing Shout - Warriors
Scarlet Fever - Blood Death Knights

Corehound (F)(E), Sporebat (C) - 25% (30%?) Cast speed reduction debuff
Mind Numbing Poison - Rogues (this may be a 30% or 50% reduction, I'll check live when I can)
Slow - Arcane Mages (again, wowhead has the tooltip as 30% not 25%)

Tallstriders(F) - 20% attack speed reduction debuff
Icy touch (frost fever debuff) - Death Knights
Thunder Clap - Warriors
Infected Wounds - Feral Druids
Judgements of the Just - Protection Paladins

Other useful Pet abilities

Scorpids(T), Birds of Prey(C) - Disarm
Nether Rays(C), Moths(F), Gorillas(T) - Spell interrupt

Chimeras(C)(E) - AoE attack (only pet AoE besides ThunderClap)
*Note, this ability can not be set to autocast for some reason so you'll likely have to turn off other attacks to get it off. ?
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Added this to the 'Hunter Guides & Useful Links' sticky :-)