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1 flag Removing Authenticator from account Malkorix Customer Service Forum Keriam
2 flag Ulduar is difficult beyond enjoyment Bornakk General Discussion Alathar
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2 flag Bug in Black Temple so you cannot complete it Wryxian General Discussion Frøya
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4 flag Achievments are evil Nethaera General Discussion Dethwolf
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1 flag Paladin's Exorcism Vaneras General Discussion Malevolently
3 flag Regarding development discussion Nethaera General Discussion Citah
4 flag New Player Advice: What's yours? Nethaera General Discussion Nethaera
1 flag Account Hacked, character transferred, no res Sirantus Customer Service Forum Rylie
1 flag "Find an Upgrade" in Armory Not Working Aredek Customer Service Forum Rosen
1 flag Game-Card code Unreadable Aredek Customer Service Forum Scarthorn
1 flag WOW Scams Aredek Customer Service Forum Kiki
2 flag Epic fishing rod Vaneras General Discussion Astran
2 flag We need new 5 man dungeons Wryxian General Discussion Honoric
1 flag Quest Tracking Error Orlyia Customer Service Forum Sharpian
3 flag Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings (Stats) Wryxian General Discussion Dechiho
2 flag Minor Bug Fix Patch 3.1.1a Ancilorn General Discussion Siez
13 flag OT - Reythur is being reprogrammed ! Vrakthris Customer Service Forum Svenlaugen
1 flag Lol at half of wows population Zarhym General Discussion Aytius
2 flag Kalu'ak Fishing Pole Nerfed, Patch 3.1 Zarhym General Discussion Francesa
1 flag WILL ADDONS MAKE YOUR COMPUTER RUN SLOWER Zarhym General Discussion Xycd
2 flag Needed: New Magisters Terrace (5 man) Zarhym General Discussion Leveltwoalt
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1 flag Cheating at the Argent Tournament Bornakk Achievements Zuga
3 flag Custom dances idea dropped? Nethaera General Discussion Dydra
2 flag GC, more like a CM than lead system designer Zarhym General Discussion Élysium
1 flag Ban/Suspension for Ulduar Emblem Exploitation Malkorix Customer Service Forum Shineyo
1 flag "cant verify game version"? Sirantus Customer Service Forum Droul
1 flag Fish Mounts? Bornakk General Discussion Doulie
3 flag Unable to validate game version. Nethaera General Discussion Corissa
1 flag Plans for new servers with 3.1 THREAD 2.0 Bornakk General Discussion Sad
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1 flag LF Thundgot Ancilorn General Discussion Wtflux
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