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2 flag @Humpday Nethaera Priest Cronoblast
2 flag @ almost weekend day Nethaera Priest Bosmark
1 flag How the hell do you tank heal with disc Nethaera Priest Zilnesto
1 flag @Friday Nethaera Priest Woaden
1 flag @Thursday Nethaera Priest Kaervas
3 flag Lightwell....is it time yet blizz? Nethaera Priest Bendler
2 flag @Wednesday? Nethaera Priest Percussion
4 flag A Priest FAQ We Shall Build! Nethaera Priest Paolo
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3 flag Good Priest website?? Nethaera Priest Whitecap
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2 flag Blizz trying to covr up nerf Patch 3.2 Crygil Priest Hadeas
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2 flag Disc Priest Healing Meter Nethaera Priest Jazeps
1 flag PRIESTS FTW Lucytr Priest Deathlair
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1 flag Priest patch notes : Discussion Nethaera Priest Doomed
1 flag Leveling a new priest Radoslawn Priest Creyd
3 flag Spriests & Scaling; Want an Answer Nethaera Priest Silvers
2 flag Who rolled shadow priest to pvp? Drysc Priest Kelberot
2 flag When do you use shadow fiend? Drysc Priest Bloo
3 flag Mass Dispel change in 2.4 Drysc Priest Drysc
7 flag How to fix shadow survivability?? Nethaera Priest Omnipotence
1 flag LOL 2.3.2 - Priests shafted. Nethaera Priest Spectrefax
4 flag I'm outta reasons to QQ. Nethaera Priest Zankin
4 flag Patch notes 2.4 from the mage forums. Nethaera Priest Vivo
10 flag Power Infusion Nethaera Priest Savere
4 flag So Kaplan hints at PvP "balancing" in 2.4 Nethaera Priest Orphius
1 flag Congrats Blizzard, you got this one right Nethaera Priest Soulcorruptr
3 flag Who do you target when healing? Nethaera Priest Ithilien
4 flag You have a lot of explaining to do. Nethaera Priest Glenmorangie
3 flag Did 2.3 have a Shadowfiend Buff? Nethaera Priest Xanthin
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13 flag Update: Priest - Focused Will Eyonix Priest Eyonix
3 flag Priests: Focused Will Eyonix Priest Eyonix
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3 flag Mad as Hell Nethaera Priest Nexez
3 flag Elune's Grace + Fort getting buffed Nethaera Priest Nartok
1 flag We were promised Confetti Explosion Nethaera Priest Trouble
4 flag Sorry for getting us nerfed, guys. Nethaera Priest Wonder
1 flag What happened to "Racials a poor choice"? Nethaera Priest Nightshroud