Who rolled shadow priest to pvp?

#0 - March 14, 2008, 2:23 a.m.
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Sign in here.

You might argue you rolled Priest to pvp as a healer. Paladins, Shamans, Druids and Priests can heal. If you still wanna argue about it, do it in another thread. I wanna see how many people out there rolled a shadow priest to pvp just like beckon, seksi, zizek and others have showns us back in the day.

I did not roll shadow priest to raid.

We need two sets of gear if we're going to change spec. How is that fair? Changing spec is much more than just unlearning talents for almost every single class.

Many people rolled a shadow priest to PVP, we wanted raid viability when people in tier3 used to destroy everything in sight. Now arena gear is the best pvp gear it doesn't matter.

Screw your raids.
We want to have FUN. Reading you say we're not intended for pvp makes me wanna kill someone.
It's not hard to balance shadow, its lacking, so make it better. How normalizing our silence with others is gonna break PVE, or giving us better mana efficiency, or better survivability? It won't.

PS: All disc priests that say they have fun, I don't care. Just sign if you rolled to pvp as shadow.

Post from Lyss from Hyjal, found in page 10. I'm quoting it here to avoid the "QQ more" posts from priests that, for some reason, enjoy having only one spec. Also sums up my feelings in an 'easier' way.:

Q u o t e:
I for one only created a priest to be a Shadow Priest. I had no intention to be a Holy/Disc priest at any given point in the game. And I had no intention of joining a raiding guild and do strictly PVE. I created my character almost a year before BC came out and I created her solely for PVP fun. Shadowpriests were very strong in PVP pre-BC and it is what I enjoyed most about the game. For me, dungeons get too repetitive. At least in PVP people will surprise you, and a lot of success depends on working well with your teammates as well. However since BC came out and after patch after patch of disappointing nerfs to Shadow Priests and buffs to most other classes and specs our viability in PVP has dwindled down to near pathetic. Some buffs to classes seem to come almost as a slap in a shadowpriest's face (ie. Cheat Death changing to 100% chance to absorb a killing blow... making swd useless against a subtlety rogue).

I'm not one to jump on the band wagon, and begin whining about my class, or about the unfairness. I'm not one to cause strife on the forums because I can't one shot everyone. I've been sitting back and quietly complaining to myself and my closest friends, and waiting for the one patch, the one patch that will make everything all better and make me enjoy the game once again. I have tried playing other characters, leveling them to 70 getting them geared up, but it isn't the same, and isn't fun for me. I want to play my shadowpriest. I think most of the true shadowpriests on these forums can admit, they aren't asking for a lot, but please, toss us a bone some day...

I found it extremely disconcerting to read Drysc's post yesterday. I felt like all my waiting for something to change one day was for nothing. I felt like this was basically it. Like it or leave. And I wasn't prepared to make that kind of decision. Shadowpriests are not the best in PVP, and we are slowly becoming less viable in PVE too, with our poor mana regeneration and our lack of steady dps, all we are is a mana battery and I for one resent this. Either fix us in PVP or fix us in PVE.

I realize that most shadowpriests gave up last patch and switched to discipline. However, there are still a few of us hanging in there, with small voices pleading for a change. Oh and btw, not that hearing opposing opinions isn't useful, but, please understand that when you care so much about something and feel so strongly about something it can be extremely frustrating to have players who haven't had to deal with the same frustrations for almost a year, and who are of your same class yet a different, very strong spec., simply state, QQ more. We aren't asking for your sympathy or your understanding, we are simply stating our frustrations in as clear a manner as possible in hopes that one day it will help.

In summary, in response to this thread, I am Lyss from Hyjal, and I rolled a shadow priest specifically to PVP and having played this game since beta, I am hanging on, hoping Blizzard will find a way to make me enjoy the game as I had in the past.

Thank you,

Evilsinz from Altar of Storms, page 16:
Q u o t e:
And while we appreciate you trying to clarify yourself, let us do the same.

We're NOT ok with it.

I'd like to get this point across without sounding like a jerk but I feel it's necessary at this point because the company you work for is NOT listening.

You mentioned that "it isn't in your long term balance and spec viability plan to keep specific specs for specific roles in the game. "

I must ask, do you even have a long term balance plan in reguards to spec viability? Because it doesn't appear that you do at all. In fact, after a couple years of playing this game it really seems to me that Blizzard is just as confused about balance and what's fair as they were when the game was still in beta. I've worked in Production QA just down the street from Vivendi in Southern California for 8 years now, in Santa Monica and I know the QA/Dev process goes very well. It's very interesting, the tune you Blizzard employees are singing at the moment, as it is a tune that you would only sing because you have very little competition. You only get away with these appauling mistakes in game mechanics and blatent snubbing of your player base purely because of the fact you have little to no competition in the mmorpg market right now. I wouldn't be surprised one bit to in the future see an entirely different attitude come from you guys when control of the MMO market shifts out of your hands and into competitors such as Warhammer online. I can invision remarks such as "We've always done our best to gather input from the player community as it is you our customers that make this game what it is" and finally fixing classes or whatever else it takes to slow your loss of the market because you no longer have a choice in the matter if you want to stay on top.

Honestly, how much do you really believe that it matters what you feel is "Viable and Acceptable" when it comes to screwing with classes as you've done the Shadow Priest? What does it take for you to pull your head out and realize that when enough people are upset and disagree with what you think is "Viable" that you make a change to your paying customers? It's about time you stop only thinking about what you kids on the 'inside' feel is acceptable when it comes to pvp and class balance because you're really screwing with a lot of people's time when you completely change a classes roll in the game and then tell people to respec if they want to be successful. If Blizzard really feels that it's ok to be so ignorant in reguards to the matter and totally slap the faces of everyone that plays shadowpriest for pvp I think you better think long and hard about compensating this base of players for their loss of time, if we have to respect, let us turn in our damn equipment for some that makes sense to own.

What is wrong with you guys? Do you honestly think there is a significant number of players that actually think "Hey, I wanna be a Mana battery, I'm going to waste months leveling a shadow priest yay!"? Get real, most people invest the time because they want to kick some heads in. Stop playing stupid, you've got thousands upset, do what's best for your paying customers.
#8 - March 14, 2008, 2:43 a.m.
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I actually rolled a priest to heal in raids, and actually leveled holy/disc because... well I hate myself, apparently. But I switched to shadow after the expansion came out and have enjoyed it since, so I guess I don't really qualify to post here.

Q u o t e:
Reading you say we're not intended for pvp makes me wanna kill someone.

I never said that, I said you're not as viable as another spec may be and we're ok with that.

What I should have said was "you're not as viable as another spec may be and we're ok with that, for now." At the moment though we concede to being ok with every class having at least one spec that's viable in all aspects.

It isn't our long term balance and spec viability plan to keep specific specs for specific roles in the game, we want every spec to be able to bring something to the table regardless of where they are or what they want to do. As I said in another thread that probably wasn't made as clear as it should have been.
#24 - March 14, 2008, 2:55 a.m.
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Q u o t e:

I'm pretty sure what he meant was, "for every class, for any given aspect of what that class can do, there is a spec for it which is viable".

Not "every class has one uber spec".

Yeah, sorry if I'm unclear, it seems to be an issue.

Q u o t e:
There you have it folks. Proof that Shadow will never be buffed.

Haha, maybe next time I'll double space so the area in between the lines is a bit larger.