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9 flag Cataclysm Class Preview: Rogue Ghostcrawler Rogue Bashiok
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1 flag Why the blizz aggro? Crygil Rogue Ivelyn
1 flag A real solution is needed. Crithto Rogue Unresponsive
1 flag Bravo Blizz, HFB is....reasonable now but, Crithto Rogue Bloodybits
1 flag HFB Crithto Rogue Redfang
1 flag Rogue Nerf is Unfounded. Crithto Rogue Nerogato
1 flag Blizz Thx For Nerfing Poisons in PVP Crithto Rogue Eien
1 flag Mut and combat nerfs Crygil Rogue Vtal
5 flag New: now the official HFB post Crygil Rogue Redfang
3 flag STR for Rogues ? Crygil Rogue Cleavon
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4 flag Rogue. What's the point? Nethaera Rogue Pvpedmypants
6 flag Quiet down!! Nethaera Rogue Archdmon
5 flag Rogues, The Broken Class Nethaera Rogue Shoop
12 flag please justify our nerfs cont...pt2 Nethaera Rogue Remy
6 flag Hemo changes cus its popular? Eyonix Rogue Haedia
1 flag @Nethaera Nethaera Rogue Sneakums
6 flag Lots of unhappy rogues Nethaera Rogue Yowza
10 flag Damn you candy corn! Nethaera Rogue Dridzt
1 flag Blizzard, You've Broken Rogues (Continued) Nethaera Rogue Elore
8 flag Blizzard, You've Broken Rogues. Nethaera Rogue Elore
1 flag NO CHANGES FOR COMBAT ROGUES? Drysc Rogue Palaelf
1 flag Dirty Deeds buff revoked??? Drysc Rogue Trivonus
1 flag Wound Poison and Envenom? Drysc Rogue Obscured
2 flag Relentless Earthstorm Diamond -- again. Drysc Rogue Alacrity
3 flag Mobility change? Kalgan Rogue Sugarnips
1 flag Deadly Throw Drysc Rogue Dewmie
1 flag Sap flags now? Drysc Rogue Jaysen
3 flag Protest: Blinding Powder – Sign plz Drysc Rogue Nadezhda
1 flag Well, Since you're here...mace nerf? Drysc Rogue Donedirty
1 flag @ those of you happy with Drysc Drysc Rogue Bean
1 flag Haste nerf answered! Drysc Rogue Twiggly
2 flag Why does Blind/Vanish still need reagent? Drysc Rogue Snlper
1 flag Combo Point Fix Drysc Rogue Istarian
1 flag Rogues unite. The Middle Finger! #2 Sinther Rogue Istabyourbak
1 flag Rogues unite. The Middle Finger! Sinther Rogue Convert
1 flag PTR 2.1 Questions and Top Concerns Nethaera Rogue Nethaera
1 flag Rogue PTR Notes for 2.1- 4/13/07 Nethaera Rogue Nethaera
6 flag The Future of the Rogue Class - More Feedback Nethaera Rogue Koshei
1 flag Go ahead and ban me then, Mod Coreiel Rogue Oozo
1 flag §§§ Sunken & Ming Arena Raw (Repost) §§§ Coreiel Rogue Sunkenn
1 flag The Future of the Rogue Class - Continued Nethaera Rogue Koshei
2 flag The Future of the Rogue Class Nethaera Rogue Deathcloud