Bravo Blizz, HFB is....reasonable now but,

#0 - Jan. 8, 2010, 6:09 p.m.
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Blizz had said several times in the past that they wanted to make HFB a good talent but, not leave it as one that that such a ridiculous damage potential rested on. When they introduced the extra poison proc for each re-application of Deadly to squash the use of a weapon swapper addon, it wasn't long before a 5% nerf to HFB was applied. That pretty much countered any dps gained from the swapper or the proc Blizz gave us. Now we are looking at another 5% reduction to HFB as well as about a 2% dps loss from AP/poison damage due to formula changes.

I feel that HFB may now be a respectable, less OP talent. I'm not sure if a 12% dps nerf to a class that brings no buffs, very little utility and has no hybrid spec options, is a very fair trade for trying to bring us "in line" with other dps classes who mostly DO bring important buffs/debuffs, raid utility and raid role options via spec changes.

If dps was the only reason to bring a Rogue to a raid, which it pretty much is, you can just take another class if Rogues are jgoing to fall into 3rd or 4th dps places on the charts. Despite what many people are saying, DKs, Mages, Hunters and even Enhance Shammies are already right up a Rogues ass in dps if not right on top of us. As more gearing is done, I doubt this will change much.
#7 - Jan. 8, 2010, 10:08 p.m.
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Please refer to the follow thread about the recent Rogue changes to continue the discussion and feedback: