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1 flag >:| #2 Rygarius Paladin Xaq
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1 flag Repost.. Paladin thread Rygarius Paladin Abarsis
1 flag @ the mod locking posts Rygarius Paladin Gidgite
3 flag Post 9138 build Nax WWS Parse (Ret Fails) Ghostcrawler Paladin Pjamin
1 flag ANGRY TITLE Ghostcrawler Paladin Odyne
2 flag If GC gets fired over ret QQ, i will quit wow Ghostcrawler Paladin Greenhat
1 flag GC: Analysis of a 3 year Ret Beta Tester Ghostcrawler Paladin Rackham
4 flag Retribution nerfs in the latest beta build 3 Ghostcrawler Paladin Ghostcrawler
1 flag Retribution nerfs in the latest beta build II Ghostcrawler Paladin Ghostcrawler
3 flag Retribution nerfs in the latest beta build Ghostcrawler Paladin Ghostcrawler
5 flag Eyonix Plays Horde Paladin !!!!! Eyonix Paladin Magicsmight
10 flag CC = Cudgel of Consecration? Eyonix Paladin Illifer
1 flag Eyonix "Let's not get crazy." Eyonix Paladin Seo
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1 flag Petition For BE Female 2H Weapons Nethaera Paladin Kimasoko
1 flag Thank you, Eyonix Eyonix Paladin Alexid
12 flag Pally's bubble Eyonix Paladin Drachmah
2 flag How is the CM doing? Eyonix Paladin Seanjohn
2 flag Tankadin Guide, Updated 2-28-08 Eyonix Paladin Gestalt
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2 flag Why ret is a low priority. Eyonix Paladin Gankenstien
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