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1 flag 4.0 Pre-Cataclysm Raiding Takralus Warlock Warlocomotif
2 flag 4.0.1 - Warlock pet renaming Takralus Warlock Takralus
1 flag Warlocks - Pet names changed? Takralus Warlock Sivri
1 flag My pets! What have you done! Takralus Warlock Koishi
1 flag New Pet Names Takralus Warlock Glow
1 flag Warlocks Tier 11 debate Vaneras Warlock Higurashi
1 flag Warlock needs help Wryxian Warlock Walywarlock
2 flag Cataclysm Class Preview - Warlock Vaneras Warlock Thundgot
1 flag Dot dmg Slorkuz Warlock Shayana
1 flag [PVE] 3.3 Demonology guide Vaneras Warlock Morgromir
1 flag [PVE 3.3] Raiding info / Guide Ancilorn Warlock Warlocomotif
1 flag T9 - 4set bonus is not affecting conflagrate Slorkuz Warlock Scaffold
1 flag [Movie] Destruction Duel Guide 2 by zUkUu Vaneras Warlock Zukuu
1 flag Affliction Warlock Guide: Vaneras Warlock Ellinas
2 flag Class Q&A Series: Warlock Slorkuz Warlock Slorkuz
2 flag Warlock Questions Wryxian Warlock Erro
1 flag “Secrets of Ulduar” Class Advice Ancilorn Warlock Ancilorn
2 flag Warlock Guides & Useful Links Ancilorn Warlock Ancilorn
1 flag New Pandemic! Slorkuz Warlock Mube
1 flag Could this be stackable shards or a nerf? Ancilorn Warlock Casketface
1 flag Give Locks a Decent Escape Skill Vaneras Warlock Deathknïght
1 flag [PVE] Raiding info / guide Ancilorn Warlock Warlocomotif
1 flag 3.1 changes Wryxian Warlock Liryel
1 flag Upcoming Warlock Changes in 3.1.0 Vaneras Warlock Vaneras
1 flag WoW: Wrath Of The Rogue King Vaneras Warlock Ishnechi
1 flag To people who want the CD on summoning... Vaneras Warlock Rvd
1 flag Warlock questions answered Vaneras Warlock Vaneras
1 flag Pet buffs? Slorkuz Warlock Appletart
1 flag So, 3.0.8 Slorkuz Warlock Aggromar
1 flag Arena Rating and match ups Slorkuz Warlock Morbidmike
1 flag LOL.....im gunna so get banned Wryxian Warlock Phonix
1 flag 21/01 Temporary Summoning Cooldown Wryxian Warlock Wryxian
1 flag Idea: Clos/immunity useable under 10% hp Slorkuz Warlock Faq
1 flag Tell me GC, are u gaining time? Slorkuz Warlock Cyphere
1 flag What do we actually want? Slorkuz Warlock Selthforos
2 flag The Potential of Curses Slorkuz Warlock Blooded
1 flag Warlock Pets Slorkuz Warlock Arun
1 flag Locked 'Major reasons to play warlock'? Vaneras Warlock Kisaragi
1 flag Point proved Vaneras Warlock Beholder
1 flag Blizz interaction with community Vaneras Warlock Beholder
1 flag Fanx Vaneras! Vaneras Warlock Snuskpelle
1 flag Warlock suggestions. BLIZZARD READ THIS Thundgot Warlock Demonhuman
1 flag Blizzard!!!!!! make more responses! Look here Thundgot Warlock Demonhuman
1 flag "Learn to give constructive feedback" Vaneras Warlock Cataclysmic
1 flag Blizzard says... Vaneras Warlock Shomy
1 flag READ this BLUE!!!! vaneras! Vaneras Warlock Phonix
1 flag Fuuckk you blizzard Vaneras Warlock Nawb
1 flag Upcoming Warlock Summoning Change Vaneck Warlock Vaneck
1 flag Request for an answer - plz sign Vaneras Warlock Chuo
1 flag Fire and Brimstone Wryxian Warlock Toole