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1 flag Patch 3.3.3: Frozo The Renowned Zarhym Professions Discussion Zarhym
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1 flag Regarding Abyssal Shatter Bornakk Professions Discussion Bornakk
1 flag Epic gem transmute needs buff. Wryxian Professions Erland
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1 flag Professions changes (epic gems incoming) Vaneras Professions Lobotomy
1 flag Upcoming Epic Gems and Profession Changes Vaneras Professions Vaneras
1 flag Profession based Titles Wryxian Professions Wryxian
1 flag Upcoming Jewelcrafting Change Slorkuz Professions Slorkuz
1 flag 20/05 Nitro Boots Shut Down in Arena Ancilorn Professions Ancilorn
2 flag Bye, Bye Eng. Crygil Professions Discussion Jives
1 flag Rocket boots Crygil Professions Discussion Tsarr
3 flag Nitro Boosts Shut Down in Arena Crygil Professions Discussion Crygil
1 flag Changes to Items with Stealth Detection Vaneras Professions Vaneras
1 flag Weaponblacksmith Kropacius Professions Skrill
1 flag Hotfix: Legplates of Conquest Vaneras Professions Vaneras
1 flag Flask of Stoneblood Vaneras Professions Fluclox
8 flag Enraged and CRAZY Gnomish Eng, Demands Answer Rygarius Professions Discussion Aurainsoph
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1 flag I just flew into the air. Ancilorn Professions Sauless
1 flag Welcome Ancilorn Ancilorn Professions Jaimec
1 flag Help in First Aid! Ancilorn Professions Alanviteazu
2 flag @Bornakk, Re: Icy Prism Bornakk Professions Discussion Copernicus
1 flag Question about engineering helms Ancilorn Professions Zirus
1 flag Outlands Skinning Datth Professions Discussion Silivren
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1 flag Tailoring Specialization. Wryxian Professions Manky
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1 flag Q&A about inscription Wryxian Professions Jaimec
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1 flag Void Shatter why give it 360 skill? Slorkuz Professions Woogle
1 flag Cooking pass 295 everything is grey Bornakk Professions Discussion Morkfromork
1 flag 05/02 New cooking recipes for Patch 2.4 Vaneras Professions Vaneras
2 flag Cooking without Fishing? Bornakk Professions Discussion Erio