5.4 WW feedback and discussion thread pt.2

#1 - Aug. 15, 2013, 7:49 a.m.
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Well.. we did it. We managed to reach the post cap on the old thread. Im proud of you beautiful sons of gnomes. So going to clean up a bit, post the feedback and suggestion summary and lets keep it going boys and girls.

Old thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9436964232?page=1

Summary post"
Maybe we need to summarize all the issues again to make it easy to access for them. xD But as a whole, I don't feel like we've been doing a lot of QQ'ing. We've been trying to help them with a lot of good ideas from an actual player perspective. But here goes the summaries.

  • Relentless Assault- Your attacks do x amount of increased damage, the lower health a target has. This fits in with our "build up" theme with TeB, and fills the niche of a lack of execute by universally increasing our damage.
  • True Combo Breaker- Your Chi-Spending attacks have a chance to duplicate, dealing 75% of the original damage dealt. This is how many people wanted to see combo breaker originally. Raid CD's
  • White Tiger Statue- This one has had a lot of renditions passed through, so I'll list what I can remember
  • Stormlash Effect- Attacks done in the next x seconds have a chance to inflict [blank] nature damage
  • Secondary Stat EnhancerIncrease the Haste, Crit, or Mastery of all Raid members by 1.5k-3k for 15-40 seconds. The Highest stat is always chosen.
  • Ancestral Guidance/Eminence effect- x% of our damage is converted to healing for the raid
  • Beat you into Rejuvination- Allows us to target our party members, and attack them for 50% of normal damage, healing for any damage that would have been done. (Would be a dps loss, but could save the raid. Gives us a heal with our spinning crane kick if stacked) QoL Improvements
  • TeB on pull. Maybe not all 10, but 5 stacks. If our damage is going to be so reliant on having it, let us have it.
  • Numbers check. Increase our stance damage. No reason we should be seeing 5.2 numbers in 5.4 gear.
  • Make Zen Meditation cover a certain area, reducing damage taken inside by x%. For a "raid cd" it's very weak for most fights.
  • Make TeB brew have a chance equal to our crit to generate an extra stack, like with Mana Tea and Elusive Brew
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    #200 - Aug. 21, 2013, 11:30 p.m.
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    We’re definitely getting very, very different results from you guys in our own testing. For clarity, I’m not just talking about simulations – we’re getting much higher performance, in tier 16 gear, in actual playtesting on the 5.4 PTR client. We’ve even gone so far as to make duplicates of several of your characters just to be certain we’re testing under the same exact conditions.

    This leads us to believe one of two things:

    • There’s some sort of bug we haven’t caught yet that’s causing a massive DPS increase somewhere unexpected (which is possible, and we’re investigating, but haven’t found anything to suggest that’s the case), or
    • We’re doing something that the community isn’t, which could possibly be due to inaccurate simulations (which in turn lead to incomplete testing of alternative builds or rotations)

    One trend in particular that we’ve noticed is that PTR Windwalkers are placing far more emphasis on Haste than we are. There’s a few minor rotational and talent differences as well when we compare our parses to yours (most of which come from the lower haste), but the biggest difference by far seems to be in how we’re prioritizing secondary stats.

    Again, these are results we’re able to replicate in the same test environment you guys have, using the same gear, with the same buffs/debuffs and so forth.
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    #202 - Aug. 21, 2013, 11:37 p.m.
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    We're not comparing 5.4 Windwalker to 5.3 Windwalker, we're comparing 5.4 Windwalker to 5.4 everyone else.
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    #381 - Aug. 26, 2013, 10:45 p.m.
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    Quick clarification: the datamined changes you're seeing to Windwalker/Brewmaster abilities are simply tooltip fixes. The actual abilities have functioned this way for a while.

    Something something datamining something something grain of salt something something.