Constructive Warrior PVP Feedback Thread pt.2

#1 - July 6, 2013, 2:56 a.m.
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Sorry I'm late in making it guys,but here it is,the second part.

Link to the first PVP Thread :

Link to the PVE feedback thread :

Link to the PVE arms warrior rotation/math by Hoofette,which is an excellent read :

Warrior podcast with some of the best warriors in WoW brought to us by ArenaJunkies:
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#345 - July 19, 2013, 6:43 p.m.
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We have been keeping up with the various Warrior threads, and we do greatly appreciate how constructive and civil you guys have been. It's quite refreshing to see. Wanted to drop a line and say thanks :)

A couple things we've been discussing recently, aside from the handful of changes that hit the latest PTR notes:

We recognize that Shockwave feels extremely strong in that tier for high-end PvP. To a degree, a short-duration AoE stun will always be powerful, so it's a tricky issue for us to solve. That said, we don't think it's quite as mandatory as, say, Healing Tide Totem was for Restoration Shaman. It's something we're still discussing. How do you feel it stacks up with the recent changes to Bladestorm?

We've been discussing the level 75 tier as well. We did make a change to Vigilance not long ago with the intention of making it a bit more attractive compared to Safeguard, but we do recognize why Safeguard is considered so necessary. We'll discuss some more.

We do hear the damage concerns. We're not at the point in development yet where we're ready to start tweaking numbers, but we are listening. We'll discuss the burst vs sustain issue.

One small request: there's been a ton of awesome, well-thought-out suggestions in both this thread and the PvE thread, and that's great! Sometimes, however, it's easy to get carried away with the "what" and lose sight of the "why". I've read a few posts where the poster obviously put a lot of thought and effort into their suggestions, but I'm left wondering exactly what issue they're trying to solve. That makes it very difficult for me to bring those suggestions to the designers.

Given the option, I'd certainly take constructive suggestions that I have to do some detective work on over no suggestions at all any day -- and since you guys have been so helpful already, feel free to continue as you've been. More just of a small request on behalf of my poor little kitty brain :)