Raid Testing Schedule - April 16th

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#1 - April 13, 2021, 10:30 p.m.
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On Friday, April 16th, we will be starting our raid tests in the Sanctum of Domination.

Friday, April 16th

The Tarragrue - Heroic Sanctum of Domination

14:00 PDT (17:00 EDT, 23:00 CEST)

Guardian of the First Ones - Heroic Sanctum of Domination

15:00 PDT (18:00 EDT, 00:00 CEST)

As always, this testing schedule is very fluid and subject to the realities of a test environment. We might have to change the time of a testing session, change the bosses being tested, or cancel a test entirely, due to bugs, server hardware issues, etc. Keep an eye on this forum for the latest information, and thank you in advance for testing and providing feedback.

Q: How do I get into the raid zone?

A: In Oribos, Dalaran, Orgrimmar, or Stormwind, you may speak to Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade IV in order to teleport into the raid zone while it is open for testing. (The option to teleport into a zone will not be available when the zone is not open for testing.)

Q: What character should I use to test the raid?

A: Whichever you prefer. We will be scaling players’ effective level to 60 for raid testing, and their item level to an appropriate threshold for the encounter(s) being tested.

Q: How long does testing last?

A: The primary purpose of testing is to give us the information we need to balance the encounters, evaluate how mechanics are playing out in practice, and identify bugs. Once we’re satisfied that we’ve received that information for a given boss, we’ll be shutting down testing. Usually this takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, but there are no guarantees.

We appreciate you taking the time to test our content and look forward to reading your feedback.

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#6 - April 16, 2021, 9:09 p.m.
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Due to an issue with the anima powers on the Tarragrue encounter I have enabled the Guardian of the First Ones while a hotfix is applied to address the issue. We will return to the Tarragrue after we conclude testing of the Guardian of the First Ones.

Thank you for your understanding!