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#1 - Feb. 23, 2013, 11:50 p.m.
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I've dug through various threads about achievements, and either I'm not seeing the answer, or I'm trying to answer the wrong question, so I thought I'd just ask outright. Through the character API, you can see which achievements a given character's account has completed. Is there any way to determine if a given achievement was actually completed by the character in question? In-game, when you mouse over an achievement you have "completed", it will actually tell you whether or not the specific character you're logged in with has actually finished the achievement or not, but the API seems to be hiding this.

I tried looking at criteria to determine progression, but the problem is that, depending on the achievement, criteria seems to get reset once you complete the achievement, or else if you completed the achievement prior to the great Account-Wide Achievement Conversion of 2012, the criteria never got set. For example, on this character I have achievement #1699 (Fistful of Love) complete, because I completed it back in 2010, but none of the criteria for that achievement are listed in my criteria list (6302, 6312, 6313, etc). Meanwhile, my alt who hasn't even begun the achievement also doesn't have any of the criteria. Another alt who has started the achievement has some of the criteria complete, so I know that char hasn't finished it, but in criteria there seems to be no difference between 'not even started but account completed it' and 'specific character has completed it'.

achievementsCompletedTimestamp doesn't seem to help, either; all of my character have the same time stamp for a given achievement, even though in-game it varies.

I'm getting the feeling that what I'm trying to find isn't actually exposed by the API, but am I missing something else?
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#9 - March 5, 2013, 7:52 p.m.
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The website and API should honor this option as of 5.2.0. Let us know if it doesn't.
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#11 - March 6, 2013, 11:17 p.m.
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How long is the option supposed to take to update on the armory?

I logged on/off a character who had the option toggled on yesterday without the armory changing the point display for that character. This morning, I logged on that character, turned the option off, logged off, logged on again, turned the option back on, and logged off again. No change so far.

The game is not currently sending us the value of that option, so the feature isn't currently working. I'm working with the server teams to get that in place asap.

Once it is it should be immediate with the rest of your profile. Meaning if you change your talent spec and change this option, as soon as the talent choice appears on the site, your achievements should update to the proper set as well.