Blizzard using Chopin for Soundtrack???

#0 - Jan. 19, 2007, 9:36 a.m.
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Zone into Honor Hold and make sure Music is on.

After the "mood music" stops playing and the theme of Honor Hold starts, I know I had heard that theme before. Took me a few days but I realized what it was -

Chopin Nocturne: No. 7 In C Sharp Minor, Op. 27 No.1

If you have doubts, listen to the Honor Hold music until the "b" section starts ( for music theory savy people ). You will hear the difference when it starts because of the instrumentation ( beginning is all strings, the Chopin part is all brass and woodwinds )

After you listen, go to

scroll down to where you see the sample play for

Nocturne No. 7 In C Sharp Minor, Op. 27 No.1

You will hear the theme they ripped VERBATIM at 40 seconds into the sample.

Note to anyone that responds and tries to deny/disprove my findings....... don't even try. I am a graduate of the Eastman School of Music in Piano Performance and you won't stand a chance.

My question to Blizzard is.....

Why clearly rip a melody from one of the all time greatest romantic composers and not give the guy any credit?

Tekas is curious of your thoughts, thanks for playing.

#119 - Feb. 9, 2007, 1:51 a.m.
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Apparently no one read page two, so I'm going to quote the pertinent information. The OP already saw the below post and has probably forgot about the thread, please stop bumping it in attempts to tell him he's wrong. k?

Q u o t e:
Actually, he was credited in the id3 tag of the sound file in question.

Title: Outlands Alliance Base 2
Artist: Matt Uelmen (incorporating Nocturne by F. Chopin)
Album: WoW BC
Genre: Soundtrack
Copyright: Blizzard Entertainment