[Feedback] Don't force us out of Chromie Time / Timewalking Journey

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#1 - Aug. 21, 2020, 12:53 p.m.
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Just got done leveling a character to 50.

As soon as I hit 50, I received the message “Timewalking Journey Ends In…” and a countdown. A few seconds later, booted to Orgrimmar (was a Horde character).

This is absolutely the WRONG choice for how to handle this situation. The purpose of the feature was to finally bring about a scenario where we could finish stories / experience settings as they were. Now, if I want to go back and finish Northrend, I do so as a level 50 dunking on level 30 mobs. I personally don’t enjoy running around 1-shotting everything as content - I like playing games that have me engage in actual gameplay… and if I want to finish these stories, I’d like to do so as I play a video game.

Furthermore, I personally think that Timewalking Journeys should be available to everyone including level 50-60. Have it be a feature that scales you down/caps to 50, and allows you to finish or experience past content as a level appropriate character.
• Want to wrap up Icecrown/Firelands/WoD Nagrand/Suramar with other players either leveling, or in the same boat as you? Go for it! (Level sync allows this somewhat, but not in the same dynamic fashion of just adventuring out in the world like the game had back in the day)
• Want to queue up for dungeons to grab some missed transmogs, while adding to the pool of players legitimately using the queue to level? Go for it!
• Gather a full raid of players and experience old mechanics firsthand rather than running through it alone and killing everything by breathing on it.

Chromie Time / Timewalking Journeys are a feature I was looking forward to immensely. I guess the best option is going to be to hit 49, then head back to the capital to turn off XP until I do everything I want to… or just never hit 50 in some cases because of the roleplaying benefits it’d have to leave some characters there (I just won’t be able to acquire the final talent).

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#375 - Oct. 9, 2020, 3:19 p.m.
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I just want to confirm that an intentional fix was made a couple of days ago to allow experience gains to be disabled while in Timewalking Campaigns.