#0 - Dec. 7, 2006, 2:19 a.m.
Blizzard Post
Updated 12/19 -

Bonus honor is now added into the estimated honor totals as soon as you receive it.

Honor is always awarded relative to your character level versus the level of your opponent (bonus honor is always awarded equal to your level). A level 60 killing another level 60 will award 14 honor. As levels lower or differences become greater between opponents the amounts of honor that are awarded will change.

Your estimated honor totals for the day already take into account the 30% honor reduction (announced here: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=55975614&sid=1) for both bonus honor and honorable kills.

In some cases if you are logged in when the nightly calculations are run a known display issue will cause your day’s honor totals to remain into the next day (aka they aren’t wiped). This can cause some confusion when attempting to track honor gained for the next day. You will still receive the appropriate amount of honor from the night's calculation, and you will not earn any additional honor from the improperly carried over estimates from the previous day.

When estimated honor totals for the current day surpass 6554 they will reset to 0 and begin to count over. This is simply a display bug and does not indicate that your previous estimate has been lost. Once the nightly calculation has been run you will receive the appropriate amount of honor for the entire day.

We have not been able to collect evidence or reproduce claims that honor is being reduced beyond the aforementioned 30%: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=56617236&postId=574644618&sid=1#365

When inspecting another player you should no longer see their highest rank achieved and their total honor should now report as 0. This is a temporary fix to avoid confusion when inspecting other players and seeing small amounts of "honor".

- -

As many players noticed this morning the honor calculations were not run last night. This led to some confusion as there is a known issue when inspecting a player with no honor showing that they have a low number of honor (1-14). This number is in fact an error and is showing that player’s highest rank in the previous honor system, it is not an indication of how much honor they have earned.

We have run calculations for yesterday earlier this evening and players should now be seeing the honor they accumulated yesterday correctly displayed at the top of their honor window. This is the final honor from yesterday and can be spent on honor rewards. Players will see that the honor earned before from today have been reset to 0, this is only a display issue and no honor has been lost. The honor accumulated from earlier today will still be added to the total honor after tonight's calculation.

There is a second display issue affecting the “Today’s Honor” totals that may display an ellipses “…” instead of the estimated honor total. This can normally be temporarily corrected by either logging off and back in, or using the /console reloadui command. This issue is slated to be resolved in a future patch.

We've investigated some issues of bonus honor not appearing for certain players from yesterday and we're confident that this was due to the honor calculations being run at a time other than the time they’re normally scheduled to run. We anticipate that after the calculations tonight you will see the bonus honor from yesterday added in to your final total honor. We'll be continuing to keep an eye on the honor gained after the calculations this evening for any further issues.

We also have an update that is currently under development that will add the bonus honor to the estimated honor totals for each day before the calculation, allowing players to track the bonus honor as it's earned in their estimated total. This change will be implemented the next time the realms are restarted, likely with next week's maintenance.