Chaosbolt: The highball I'm not falling for

#1 - May 23, 2012, 9:47 p.m.
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I'm already seeing a lot of people going "woohoo chaosbolt is down to a 3 second cast, all its problems are solved." By starting with a ridiculous cast time of four seconds, it's like players will settle for anything after that.

ISF turned destro into a huge drag in Cata and all that's happening in MoP is we have that same drag of a 3 second cast, now with huge ramp up of 10 embers and no empowered imp proc or soulburn to at least give it a chance for instant procs. Pyroclasm is a terrible option that replaces 3 boosted incinerates that spends all 3 charges of backdraft on chaosbolt for just a 30% cast increase.

There is nothing in the game even close to having so many hoops to jump through after a huge build up comparable to building 10 embers. In fact, most mechanics that require that kind of build up get INSTANT casts. Anything else with a 3 second cast has instant access. Anything that requires lots of ramp up akin to building 10 embers gets a very practical to use reward. Chaosbolt is the worst of both worlds double gate.

How is something like a 1.5 second cast chaosbolt that refunds some mana not an option? Does it have to hit for what it does now at 1.5s cast? Of course not.
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#21 - May 24, 2012, 4:41 p.m.
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The decay of embers (or any resource really) is only intended so that you don't feel like the right way to play is to finish a fight, then go nuke a squirrel or something so that you're at full embers before the next fight. Thematically, embers are something you build up, not something that you start with at full and burn down. However, it's not our intent to punish everyone who doesn't end a fight with exactly 0 embers.

In the beta build you should have now, the decay is much slower. If you are going from creature to creature while questing, you shouldn't see them decay. It should feel about like Holy Power or similar resources. If you're trying to game the resource so that you can start every boss fight or PvP duel will full embers, then you're going to have more trouble.