#1 - March 20, 2020, 7:22 p.m.
Blizzard Post

We’ve just made a significant update to the new Echoes of Ny’alotha system, with the goal of making Essences much more available to your characters whose specializations put them in different roles (tanking, healing, damage).

With this change, we’ve lifted the restrictions on acquiring role-specific Azerite Essences from MOTHER. Now, the various ways that you obtain Rank 3 tanking, healing, or damage-specific Essences are now grouped together. If you’ve earned any of the three Essences in these groups, all three of the Essences will be unlocked for purchase from MOTHER with Echoes of Ny’alotha:

  • Spark of Inspiration, Unwavering Ward, Strength of the Warden (obtained from Horrific Visions)
  • Touch of the Everlasting, Spirit of Preservation, Breath of the Dying (obtained from reputation with Rajani)
  • Blood of the Enemy, Artifice of Time, Sphere of Suppression (obtained from Battlegrounds)
  • Condensed Life Force, Vitality Conduit, Azeroth’s Undying Gift (obtained from raiding in The Eternal Palace)
  • Essence of the Focusing Iris, Life-Binder’s Invocation, Anima of Life and Death (obtained from Mythic Keystone dungeons)

As a reminder, this was already the case with Purification Protocol, Nullifcation Dynamo, and Well of Existence (the Rustbolt Resistance Essences) as well as The Ever-Rising Tide, Aegis of the Deep, and The Unbound Force (the Nazjatar Essences).

A side-effect of this change is that even a single character now has a way to obtain these off-role Essences, and can either use Echoes to purchase them from MOTHER or use the original means of acquisition. That means that your Priest who raided Azshara in Shadow-spec and got Condensed Life-Force up to Rank 3 is now able to obtain Vitality Conduit from MOTHER for a Holy-spec healing boost.

Thank you for all of your feedback on this!