A new toon...a new realm...anyone wanna start fresh?

#1 - Jan. 14, 2020, 4:40 p.m.
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Edit: The few we’ve gotten are going to start on Stalagg horde tonight. Server and faction decided. Feel free to HMU

Hello everyone,

I’ve seen people post about it, and it’s finally happened to me too…my friends have quit classic and I’m now journeying and leveling alone aside from random guild chats/groups. I know, I know, “why don’t you just find a social guild?” I can find a guild fairly easily, yes, but I can’t recreate the magic of leveling up with a group of people that I had on launch doing that.

I’d like to start a new toon with like-minded casuals who can only spare a couple hours a night on weekdays and a few more on weekends. Or people who just want an alt to level somewhere else. Even just a partner who’s not gonna peace out completely once we hit 30 and leveling slows down. I’m happy to play alliance or horde, to play heals, tank, or dps, on any type of server (although prefer PvP). I’m usually on 7:30-9:30 pm MT 4-5 nights a week (6:30-8:30 PT / 9:30-11:30 ET), Fridays usually all day (8a-4p MT and then 8-10ish again) unless I have to work (flex Fridays rock) weekends are fluid depending what’s going on with my kiddo.

The only stipulation I’d have is that the toons we make together, we somewhat level together (or else what’s the point?). Probably keep it within 3-4 levels if possible. I’d make an alt to level when said new friends aren’t online, or if I find a pocket of time outside of our agreed-upon play time.

I’m at work so I can’t respond readily - my battletag is Yogimus#1245. Feel free to add me, I can make a discord just for this if we want, whatever’s good. Looking forward to meeting y’all!

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Just in case you didn’t notice this: