Gamers’ Choice Awards Nomination

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#1 - Nov. 28, 2018, 10:11 p.m.
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As some of you might have seen, World of Warcraft is currently up for the “Fan Favorite MMORPG” awards as part of CBS’s first Gamer’s Choice Awards, a completely fan voted award show for gaming and esports.

We just wanted to take some time to thank our community for nominating us and continuing to support World of Warcraft now for more than 14 years. We also want to congratulate the rest of the nominees and say that we feel very humbled to be in a category with so many amazing games created by talented teams across the world. The MMORPG genre is a very unique one and we love seeing the support everyone shows for their favorite worlds and universes that we all log into and get lost in creating our own stories.

If you’d like to participate you can register an account and vote for you favorite games in all of the respective categories.
Here is where you can do that:

Thanks again for all of your support and passion over the years. World of Warcraft has been evolving for more than a decade with your support and we hope to continue that into the future with you.

-The World of Warcraft Team

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#581 - Dec. 7, 2018, 9:51 p.m.
Blizzard Post

Yeah that’s not a thing. I can’t speak for any other companies but I’ve never seen this at Blizzard nor have I actually heard anyone else in the industry being told to do this. Also, I’d like to think I would refuse if asked, but I’ve never been in the scenario :man_shrugging:

Like a bunch of posters pointed out earlier in the thread, I didn’t ask you to vote for us. I said vote for your favorite. If you think those other games are your favorite then vote for them. I can’t tell you what your favorite game is.

Strange, I still see it on the list. Did you try another browser?

Trust me, none of your reactions are ever a surprise to me. I can pretty much call how any post will go.

I wouldn’t feel bad in the slightest if XIV won. They have their issues as well but its a great game. I actively play both so :man_shrugging: