Rogue changes

#0 - Nov. 10, 2010, 7:29 a.m.
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Just wondering why the rogue class hasn't changed much since vanilla.

We have about the same rotation as in vanilla with 1 extra buff to manage as sub and 1 less as assassination, as for combat its pretty well broken.

We play about the same in pvp as we did in vanilla. Control the oponents actions until you can slip in for a fast kill and hope you dont run out of cds before that happends. (we can't stunlock from 100 to 0 anymore but its still the same concept). The biggest change was the nerf to our stuns.

we are still the most susceptible to damage in a stun.

we still spam our main cp builder (using hemo once a minute as sub dosent count) and then theres combat that once again is broken.

Is there reason so little has changed? Again combat is exempt from this but it is broken.

So the one rogue spec that had the most change became more monotonous (bg) and is broken dps wise.

this is mostly just venting my dissapointment in this and the coming expansion with the rogue class. There have been few changes overall to viable specs.

EDIT:Another question, is there a reason that the rogue class has gotten no real "pass" in either of the last 2 betas?

Yeah forgot about vanish, it still bugs out a lot with being able to be seen through it and sometiems not working at all, or being targeted even after use, and not dropping aggro.

Also even the magazine Beckett Massive Online Gamer describes it as.

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the rogue class recieved a few tweaks here and there with Cataclysm, but nothing game changing.
#28 - Nov. 10, 2010, 8:45 a.m.
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It's the B team symptom of going for perfect balance and the rogue class is their easiest poster child for quick minor adjustments to reach said state, time and again they've said they're proud of the rogue resource system, and saw us as one of the furthest along in beta when it was in it's infantcy.

The do not care about making us fun, or allowing us to chose specs without a gun to our head (prep, shadow step) they only care about having at least one class they can easily fix and balance which means we get zero shake ups, zero major changes and zero new tactics. It's all re-hashed cooldowns that do the same things we already do.

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Simply because it requires the least work to maintain, which they've admitted.

Now if you look at the player base... people don't like to play rogues. Lowest pure class population, and in MMO champ's class to level poll, everyone ignored rogue as a choice.

Usually people would take that as a sign that something isn't quite right in the class.

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Business owners leading MMO design leads to this sort of thing, they love the cheap and easy to maintain classes REGARDLESS of what the public thinks of it. They only act when someone else offers a better product that takes away from their bottom line.

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