Why blizz loves casters?

#0 - Oct. 26, 2010, 9:22 p.m.
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I would like to point some things that came to my head yesterday... Why Blizz, why you damn insist in make this game of casters.... Let`s see about what i`m talking....
( In some opnions I`m talking about the Wotlk only like the haste statement and will make at most time a vision of pvp)

Changes in the patch : You guys all notice high stamina on itens. So my full wrathfull hunter got a 3k bonus life. And whoa my full relentless warlock got a almost a 10k . Wtf blizz? I would like to point some others things... Before the patch my lock had a 20% damage reduction and now she have almost like a reduction of 31% physical attacks. Strange, no?

Haste effects: Haste was a good stat, unfortunately it got out of control. You can now die in a GCD. Its your words no? Why a stat that can benifite much more casters than melees? And why remove a melee stat which brings us to

Armor Penetration : A must for warriors and a good option for feral druids. Too mathy? Really?

Arenas: : If you at least mid pvp like me ( 2200 MMR) you noticed how they were controlled by the casters. Spell cleaves ( Destro and Ele) and ShatterPlay ( Frost mage and SP ) are the most used comp in this game. They together are more than 25% of the x3 teams ( from sk gaming ). Ah, the best dueling class on this game its a caster too ( SP).

New spells, abilities and masteries: Did you guys notice that all masteries of casters( excluding shamans) are just damage?MM Hunters, warriors, ret pallys, etc are most proc changes. Do you prefer luck or just a passive damage bonus? Also, i would like to show my personal opinion about the new abilities: Heroism for mages? Casting walking? The casters got much more funny and OP abilities on the expansion ( please trolls its just MY OPINION)

Mortal Strike effect: So first only melees had it. Then they give a lower-Ms to Frost mages and Sp ( 20% reduction). Not satisfied they nerfed the melee Mortal strike from rogues, hunters and warrios to a 20% too. It`s ok now right? No bro, its going for 10% only. ( I personally screamed inside on this. WTF? )

Dots benefitting from Haste and all then beeinf able to crit: Really, i can only see feral druids in the group of melee smiling on this.Wizards, i can hear they laughing out loud.

( Really sorry for the english language mistakes I`m out of time to correct them now)

So excluding my personal opnion in some statements, all of this are FACTS proved in the game. Can we raname to World of Castercraft now? =)
#24 - Oct. 27, 2010, 12:02 a.m.
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Why blizz loves casters?

We think casters are pretty.
#83 - Oct. 27, 2010, 4:08 a.m.
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GC I want to have your babies

You do not appear to be a caster.

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The pitifulness of yourself...

I'm not sure I understand this. Maybe you meant "You are pitiful," but what kind of response did you really expect in a thread with such a stirringly profound title?