Concerning floating body spam

#0 - Sept. 13, 2010, 4:39 p.m.
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I'm sure you guys know about all the level ones, that come into Org, or SW and create the names of websites with thier bodies.

Whenever I see this on my realm, I open up a ticket about it. I make sure to include the words, body spam, and corpse advertisement.

It takes a few days for the ticket to recieve a response. And each time I get a response it says something like, Thanks for reporting this issue, in the future please use the report spam feature.

This is confusing to me cause thier not spamming in Trade or general. So its not like you can right click report spam. What am I supposed to do then?
#27 - Sept. 13, 2010, 10:57 p.m.
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It takes a few days for the ticket to recieve a response. And each time I get a response it says something like, Thanks for reporting this issue, in the future please use the report spam feature.

Sorry for the confusion, Battlesteer, there are usually two variations of "spam" reports and unfortunately they rest next to one another on the list. It sounds like you keep getting the wrong message.

I'd highly recommend writing to and let their supervisors know.

The skywriting advertisements do not necessary need to be reported via an in-game petition at this point. We have recently implemented a method to detect this activity and address it. Now this isn't instant, it may take several hours in some cases, but it normally does finds and deal with the body advertisements in due course.

We understand that in many cases it may seem that these advertisements never are removed, this is usually false, the characters you are seeing are normally a new batch. Now if you do see a set of characters that you are fairly sure have been there for awhile please submit an in-game petition and it will be looked into.
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They are quick to ban others for cussing or running casino's but I don't see blizzard doing anything about this. I don't think I have ever seen anyone respond to what they plan or if they can do anything about it.

Simply because you don't see the results, Critis, does not mean nothing is happening. We understand how this matter can be perceived but we do address these issues as quickly as possible. At the moment we are mostly confined to a reactive stance. Though our Developers are working on a method of prevention it isn't nearly as easy some assume. They are not technically hacking, they are exploiting in-game mechanics. Addressing an issue like this is complicated as our Developers do not want to negatively impact legitimate players.

If you haven't seen comments regarding this type of advertisement then I'm afraid you may have simply missed them. I personally comment about this method of advertisement several times a day.
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I never said I knew more about WoW's coding. I do however know enough to know the fix isn't complicated. It hasn't been done because they haven't gotten to it yet. It would simply be nice if we were told the truth on this issue and not some excuse.

You know this how, Methius? What you know is that you "think" you are correct in this simplistic reasoning. You are not correct, Methius, you are amazingly wrong in fact. This matter is exceedingly complex and it hasn't been resolved because our Developers haven't been able to develop a resolution that will not negatively impact our legitimate players. Not because they haven't gotten to it, but because this is not a simple matter.

Unfortunately, when someone has a stance like yours, who believes that they know exactly what is going on, without any factual knowledge about the matter, there really is nothing more to say. You believe that we are giving players a false answer about what is going on so anything I say to the contrary you will also believe is a lie.

You are welcome to your opinion, Methius, but you are not stating your opinion as an opinion. You are spreading false information and stating it as fact.
#31 - Sept. 13, 2010, 11:33 p.m.
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Q u o t e:
Final Fantasy XI had this same thing happen a few years ago, the problem was solved within 3 days and hasn't returned.

As previously stated, Methius, different game, different programming. If there were flying characters being used in that game, which I never heard about and would be interested in seeing, they likely used a completely different method.

It should also be pointed out that the effort gone to is directly related to the potential benefits. A year or two ago they used to use corpse advertisements in WoW, which was addressed and hadn't been seen afterward. This is a new form, using many of the mechanics that make it possible to move your character.

Perhaps they haven't returned to the other game because it simply isn't worth the effort.

Q u o t e:
I'm simply of the opinion that a solution could be attained within a reasonable amount of time, however I believe it hasn't been because of things like developing new content, cataclysm, etc.

No, Methius, as you may have noticed this type of advertisement is fairly visible in game and generates fairly strong reactions. It would be foolish to think that we wouldn't want something this visible removed as quickly as possible.

You do not need to remove your posts, Methius, but the point of posting here is to have a dialog, if you dismiss what is said as a lie then a conversation is simply not possible. If you state your opinion in such a way that it comes across as fact, it is no longer an opinion.

I believe that Red Dwarf is one of the greatest comedy series of all time.

That is an opinion.

Our Developers care deeply about the integrity of the game and want to remove this form of advertisement as quickly as possible without negatively impacting our legitimate players.

And that is Fact.