Need advice making sure comp is secure

#0 - Sept. 12, 2010, 1:25 a.m.
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My account was compromised. I used a second secure computer to restore my accounts and change email and passwords and added an authenticater. I've played on this alternate computer for a week now and everything seems secure but scans have not found anything on the computer that was hacked.

I've run scans with MSE, adaware and malewarebytes while the launcher was open. Any help/advice would be appreciated on how to proceed from here so I can avoid reformating and reinstalling windows on that computer.

Extra info:

I was not phished, never shared my account info with anyone and no one else has physical access to the computer I play wow on. A few hours before the compromise I did click on a user posted link on thotbott. I am guessing it was a keylogger. I was logged into wow at the time and do not recall relogging that night but from what I can tell the hackers took my account over that night after I logged out.

I have since downloaded and ran adaware and malwarebytes and run full scans with Microsoft Security Essentials(which was running at the time of the compromise) with the launcher opened and some jibberish typed into the password field. Nothing is found. I am guessing I have a keylogger on that computer because I initially used it to reset my password and log into wow. While I was logged in and chatting with a GM I got new emails saying my passwords had been reset again within and hour of recovering the account. They were not fake because I could not log into my second account at the time so the GM locked the accounts before restoring them. I changed the email address associated with aswell as passwords and I did not see any rules in outlook express for forwarding incoming mail. Thanks in advance for the assistance.
#1 - Sept. 12, 2010, 1:38 a.m.
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If you have not done so already, Tocho, you may want to review the following information:

Account Hacked? Security Issue? Look Here! Account Security Awareness

Account and Computer Security

My technical prowess isn't my specialty, so I'm afraid I can't provide direct tips, but you should find some information that is of use above. =)