Missing random stats? Included picture.

#0 - Sept. 11, 2010, 10:11 p.m.
Blizzard Post
So, I took a screenshot of my old wow-heroes compared to my new one. I'm missing quite a few stats, namely my stam. As you can see all the gear is the same and gems and enchants, but the numbers are different. Wowheoes doesnt take buffs into account, either. So I'm truly confused. Is there something that would cause this?

#9 - Sept. 12, 2010, 3:58 a.m.
Blizzard Post
If I were to assume your Armory is currently accurate, Athero, it appears you have Ashen Band of Endless Might currently equipped, despite all your other gear being tank oriented. Would that happen to account for your missing health?