#0 - May 18, 2010, 5:39 p.m.
Blizzard Post
We’ve been asking for your feedback on the Customer Service forum over the course of the past few weeks by creating polls and have been very pleased with the positive response received thus far. Your participation each week is greatly appreciated.  Through these polls, we feel we have learned a great deal about our readers and hope that we will be able to take your feedback and use it to make the Customer Service forum an even better place to visit.

We have analyzed the poll results and the comments left within the threads thoroughly, and have identified a few key themes. Below is a summary of a few of the more prevalent themes, and information on how we plan on using this feedback moving forward:

    You are interested in hearing more about our policies & procedures -- and why we do what we do
    Nearly 62% of those who voted indicated that the reason why they visit the Customer Service forum is to seek assistance, request more information, or to help players with their various game related issues.  Additionally, over one-third of those who voted suggested that adding more information on the Blizzard Support policies and procedures would make the Customer Service forum more useful.  These results tell us that sometimes providing you with information on how to request the assistance you need may not be enough; you would like to know more about why we’ve adopted certain policies and how we go about assisting our customers.  Moving forward, we plan to offer more insight into the inner workings of our Customer Service department, and look forward to providing a bit more transparency when it comes to our policies.

    You’re here for the fun and are interested in participating in special events with our staff
    Remarkably, quite a lot of you simply enjoy being here!  One-third of all voters indicated that the reason why they visit most often is to have fun, and 38% of you want to participate in special events involving the Customer Service forum representatives.  We couldn’t be happier to see that such a large number of players visit just because they find the forum fun.  We’re already looking for new and enjoyable ways to interact with you all on the forums, in-game, and even real-life events such as BlizzCon, so be on the lookout for more information in the coming weeks!  We are, however, remaining mindful of the fact that there are many, many players out there who need our assistance.  As much as we’d like to spend our time having fun participating in special events, we’re here to help our players first and foremost.

    You want us to promote a friendly and helpful atmosphere
    Throughout each of our polls, a number of players indicated that the atmosphere on the Customer Service forum isn’t always friendly to those seeking help.  Some feel that the tone some ‘regular’ posters take can cause unnecessary conflict and frustration.  Comments suggest a perception that players who post on our forum regularly are allowed more leniency than others.  We’ve taken these comments to heart and will be adjusting our moderation style and practices to help improve the overall atmosphere and tone taken on the Customer Service forum.  This is a difficult concern that cannot be addressed overnight, but we would appreciate your patience and cooperation as we look to improve the atmosphere for all posters.  Any ongoing feedback regarding this subject would be best sent to wowcsforum@blizzard.com.

    You want us to be around more often
    We hear you!  Ideally, we would like to have at least one representative on the Customer Service forum at all times.  We still have a few fine details to work out, but we look forward to introducing new representatives to the forum to help shore up gaps in coverage, so be on the lookout for new blues in the coming months!

Stay tuned for more polls to come.  Your participation has been great so far, so we’re counting on you to keep it up!