#1 - April 11, 2024, 4:55 p.m.
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The Great Push (TGP) returns alongside the Arena World Championship (AWC) in Season 4. Register today for a chance to become the final champions of Dragonflight ahead of a new age with The War Within.

With Dragonflight Season 4 commencing the week of April 23, the Arena World Championship and The Great Push signups are now open! This is the final season of the current expansion, and the last opportunity to be crowned champions of Dragonflight.

Registration is now open on Raider.IO – join in for your chance to earn the Draconic Banner of the Aspects and a combined over $600,000 (USD) in prizing! Watch all the action unfold throughout the season on Twitch and YouTube.

Arena World Championship

The Arena World Championship continues from where we left off in Season 3, with Echo and Liquid featuring in close-quartered combat during the Mid-Season Clash. Season 4 commences with the first Cup starting May 1st and playing through until the Dragonflight Grand Finals May 17.

Similar to Season 3, two Cups offer teams the chance to show their might and earn qualification toward the AWC Gauntlet & Dragonflight Grand Finals. The Dragonflight Grand Finals feature a total prize pool of $300,000 (USD) split between regions and the chance to be crowned the Champions of Dragonflight.

Register today on Raider.IO for the Dragonflight Season 4 Cups and to earn the Draconic Banner of the Aspects.

Image showing the overall structure of the Arena World Championship in Dragonflight Season 4. AWC Season 4 continues from Season 3, with Cup 3 starting May 1 and Cup 4 May 8. The Dragonflight Grand Finals round out the season on May 18-19 with $300,000 USD on the line for qualified teams.

Mythic Dungeon International: The Great Push

Dragonflight Season 3 concluded with one of the most competitive finals of Mythic Dungeon Internationals (MDI) to date as Mandatory defeated back-to-back champions Echo. With Dragonflight Season 4, a new challenge awaits dungeon players as The Great Push returns for the final time in this expansion.

The Great Push kicks off June 19 with the Proving Grounds, an open registration 6-day qualification period where teams push keystones as high as possible on tournament realms. The top 12 teams will advance to The Great Push Group Stage, where they’ll push pre-assigned keystones against the clock live on Twitch and YouTube. The final 6 teams will advance to the TGP Global Finals, where the champions of Dragonflight will be decided and the lion’s share of $200,000 (USD) will be rewarded.

Register today on Raider.IO and earn the Draconic Banner of the Aspects by completing this season’s Proving Grounds!

Image showing the overall structure of The Great Push in Dragonflight Season 4. A fresh seasonal Proving Grounds starts June 19 to determine the top 12 teams for TGP Groups. Group A takes place July 5-7, and Group B July 12-14. From each group, 3 teams advance to the TGP Global Finals where $200,000 USD in prizing will be on the line for the top 6 teams. Registration now open at Raider.IO/Tournaments


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