#1 - Aug. 11, 2022, 8 p.m.
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Face new challenges and adventures in the Dragon Isles with four new level-up dungeons and four maximum-level dungeons. Danger, malice, and perhaps a bit of loot are yours to discover. Here’s a brief look at each of the dungeons.

Level-up dungeons:

  • Ruby Life Pools
  • Brackenhide Hollow
  • The Nokhud Offensive
  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Max-level dungeons:

  • Neltharus
  • The Azure Vault
  • Halls of Infusion
  • Algeth'ar Academy

Some descriptions and information are still in progress or may change as development progresses.

Zone: The Waking Shores

Ruby Life Pools

  • Melidrussa Chillworn: Melidrussa was chosen to lead the Flashfrost infusion efforts in the Ruby Life Pools. Her mastery of primal energy manipulation includes exceptional control over elemental frost. She wields this power to carry out her fervent belief in protecting dragonkin from the influence of titans.
  • Kokia Blazehoof: As Primalist forces assault the Ruby Life Pools from all sides, it falls to Kokia and her Blazebound lieutenants to capture precious eggs from overwhelmed defenders, spreading flame and havoc as they go.
  • Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein


Beneath the Obsidian Citadel lies Neltharus, home of the black dragonflight’s hoard and the secrets behind their legendary forging. When the djaradin woke from their slumber, they chose Neltharus as the point of entry for their attack. Surprised to find it deserted, they quickly laid claim to its secrets for themselves... as well as the rest of the Obsidian Citadel.

  • Chargath, Bane of Scales: This veteran dragon hunter’s title was given eons ago as a mark of legend. While the Qalashi hunters under his command train, he plans their next offensive and awaits with eager anticipation the opportunity to display his expertise.
  • Forgemaster Gorek: As one of the djaradin’s most distinguished craftsmen, the Forgemaster Gorek now resides in his sweltering chamber of the black dragon barracks. There, he harnesses the igneous power of the massive forge to construct deadly weaponry.
  • Magmatusk: The djaradin discovered many of Neltharion’s secrets while plundering Neltharus. An experimental potion gone awry created Magmatusk, a behemoth of a mammoth bent on sheer destruction.
  • Warlord Sargha: Leader of the Qalash djaradin, Warlord Sargha has been in search of anything that would increase the power of her clan and help take down their draconic enemies. In the hoard at the heart of Neltharus, she may have found exactly what the djaradin need.

Zone: The Azure Span

Brackenhide Hollow

Brackenhide Hollow is the largest gnoll home in the Dragon Isles, yet the wild gnoll settlement holds unspeakable danger. Decay seeps from the Hollow, spreading among the gnoll tribes of the Azure Span and threatening to rot away all life. In the heart of the Hollow lies the leader of the Brackenhide, and the knowledge she gleefully shares with her withered kin.

  • Hackclaw’s War-Band: Rira Hackclaw and her compatriots, Gashtooth and Tricktotem have risen up as a deadly warband among the Brackenhide. Their tactics are the reason tuskarr never travel alone, and their strength is the reason Wratheye has them guarding the gate to the Hollow.
  • Treemouth: Withered by decay, this once proud ancient has been dubbed Treemouth by the gnolls. As the rot settled into its branches, so too did it settle in the poor creature’s mind, leaving a creature bent on nothing more than the need to feed and spread decay.
  • Gutshot: This sharpshooting gnoll has mastered the art of hunting, trapping, and killing her prey. Impressed by her abilities and cunning, the Decatriarch has assigned Gutshot to oversee and train the other hunters…and take out any interlopers that might venture too far into Brackenhide.
  • Decatriarch Wratheye: Wratheye discovered decay magic in her thirst for power, and declared herself the Decatriarch after mastering it. She now builds the strength of the Brackenhide by spreading her dark magic among her tribe so the tuskarr, and all of the Azure Span, will rot in its wake.

The Azure Vault

Long ago, Malygos created the Azure Vault as a place for Sindragosa to catalogue and store away curious magical artifacts he found. Locked away and deserted millenia ago, the Vault has since fallen into disrepair, leaving it vulnerable to attacks from without… and within.

  • Leymor: Leymor was born of a humble seedling that Malygos found in a pool of ley energy. Once but a small sprout in Sindragosa’s garden, over millenia Leymor has shot up like a weed. Left to its own devices, the looming giant would surely overrun the entirety of the Azure Vault.
  • Azureblade: As security for the Vault, Azureblade refused to leave when it was sealed, choosing duty over safety. When the blue dragons failed to return, her bitter resignation drove her to eventual madness. Extending her own life with the magics she was sworn to protect, Azureblade now claims ownership over all the blue dragonflight left behind.
  • Telash Greywing: Furious at the blue dragonflight, Telash Greywing is determined to find the secrets that Sindragosa has been hiding in the Arcane Vault. Together with the Sundered Flame, he is certain he will discover more about the origins of the dracthyr... and incriminating evidence against the blue dragonflight.
  • Umbrelskul: Millenia ago, Umbrelskul unwittingly meddled with raw arcane power. Riddled with crystalline growths, he was taken to the Azure Vault until a cure could be found. Sadly, the Vault was sealed away before the research was completed, leaving Umbrelskul sleeping in stasis... until now.

Zone: Ohn'ahran Plains

The Nokhud Offensive

Civil war has erupted in the wake of Clan Nokhud’s capture of the ancient eagle spirit, Ohn’ahra. To the other clans, Ohn’ahra is more than a mere spirit: she is their goddess. Primalists summon elemental forces, and necromancers command the spirits of legendary centaur. Beset by enemies from all sides, other Maruuk clans must rally for a final assault against the Nokhud and their khan, Balakar.

  • Granyth: The shadow of Granyth is known across the plains of Ohn’ahra as an omen of death and destruction. As battles between centaur clans rage across the plains, he knows it is time to destroy his ancient enemies once and for all. Soon he will land on the battlefield. Teams of centaur have armed their ballistae with bolts enchanted by Clan Shikaar. They stand ready to focus the fire of their artillery against the Primalist proto-dragon, but someone must be brave enough to stand on the front lines.
  • The Raging Tempest: Violent storm winds that ravage the plains of Ohn’ahra have coalesced into an avatar of the storm. The Raging Tempest continues to gather power to devastate not only the plains of Ohn’ahra, but eventually the entirety of the Dragon Isles. Unless champions can defeat the stormcasters and dispel their relentless elemental, Primalist chaos will reign on the plains.
  • Teera and Maruuk: Blasphemous Ukhel necromancers are resurrecting legendary centaur. The spirits of Teera, the matriarch of the Ohn'ahran clans, and Maruuk, the centaur's greatest warrior, have been raised from their graves. Blinded by painful and traumatic memories of their past, the two legends now answer the commands of Balakar and the Nokhud centaur! Only the tumult of battle can rouse them from necromantic manipulation. Once their fury has abated, perhaps they can find rest again... and eternal peace. 
  • Balakar Khan: Balakar Khan is the ruthless and mighty leader of the Nokhud clan. With the great eagle spirit Ohn’ahra captured by his stormcasters, he plans to grant himself the power of the wind. Hatred unites his clan against all "outsiders," as he calls for a return to the brutal and barbaric practices of the past. The relentless Nokhud offensive continues. Someone must stand up to its tyrannical commander.

Zone: Eastern Kingdoms: Badlands

Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Zone: Thaldraszus

Halls of Infusion (In Development)

  • Watcher Irideus: Tasked by Tyr to protect the Halls of Infusion from outsiders, Watcher Irideus has waited to perform his duties for centuries. When finally confronted by outsiders, however, Irideus fell short. He does not intend to fail again.
  • Gulping Goliath: Deep within the natural caverns linking together the functional parts of the Halls of Infusion lurks the Gulping Goliath.  Father to generations of Hornswogs in this underground lair, the Goliath and his brood are quick to devour any creatures that stray too close.
  • Khajin the Unyielding: Khajin honed her power over the elements with anger, directed at those forces which saddled Azeroth with their intent. Unleashed upon the Halls of Infusion, Khajin vowed to stop at nothing to upend the Titans’ order.
  • Primal Tsunami: Summoned by all of the will that Infuser Sariya could muster, the Primal Tsunami was given life to break apart the Halls of Infusion.

Algeth'ar Academy (In Development)

  • Vexamus
  • Accidental Amalgamation
  • Crawth
  • Echo of Headteacher Doragosa

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