The Return Of the Tilty bird: THANKS BLIZZ!

#0 - March 1, 2010, 7:58 a.m.
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Back in BC it was warlocks... i had one of my own... curse of shadows, corruption, press 1 button for a very long time..

now, we have this:
"Icy Touch: This ability now causes a very high amount of threat while the death knight is in Frost Presence."

Welcome to the tilty-bird class of LK, death knight tanks!.

You could have just buffed the threat multiplier of frost presence (they way you diminished it for paladins), to require some modicum of skill or a rotation... nope. . not necessary!

So, long live the biggest faceroll since the 0/21/40 warlock of BC, may the slow replacement in all but the highest end guilds commence!

#26 - March 1, 2010, 4:25 p.m.
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Let's try it out on the PTR before QQ'ing quite so much, shall we?

Right way: "I have a concern about X. Does anyone else think this will be a problem?"

Wrong way: [this thread]