How does Blizz plan to update the cities?

#0 - Feb. 19, 2010, 9:42 p.m.
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With the ability to fly in Azeroth being given to us in Cataclysm, an important question arises. How will we defend our major cities? The ability to fly allows us to bypass previouse terrain limitations. As an alliance player this is a little alarming. Stormwind's biggest defense is the giant fortification know as the Valley of Heroes. Usually Horde just avoid it and come from the Harbor or the Tram. Now with flying, they can completley bypass this and fly in anywhere, such as the mage district.

Now Stormwind's biggest weakness is that there are absolutley no gaurds once you get past the entrance. They are free to kill anything they want without interference, such as ganking those coming in from portals or killing class trainers. This makes major headaches for players.

I have a few suggestions for Cata. that I would like others to review.

1) Trios of Aerial Patrol. There is no way enough gaurds can be place to significantly gaurd as they do now. With the addition of flight, players will have maneuverability like nothing before. These gaurds will be fast, have very long aggro range, and be strong. In todays terms, I'm talking about 127k health. This is about half an ICC trash mab. They will do decent damage and will follow the attacks until they die, even if they run into a building. They aren't OP, they should just be challenging for a normal group to take down. This is a capital city after all.

2) Make Local Defense more specific. "Stormwind City is being attacked" doesn't tell me anything. Oh, let me just go play hide and seek and run through six districts, the harbor, the keep, the canals, and the numerous buildings to find the horde. It should change to "The mage tower is under attack!" or "The Keep is being attacked!" or "The Dwarven district is being attacked!" For the Horde it would change to the Rouge's Quaters or the Spirit Rise.

3) Buff the gaurds. 12,000 health? Seriously? A Warlock's imp has more than that. We have players running around with 20k-40k health and can two shot them. The gaurds should do minimul damage, but should survive for a decent amount of time. Also, make them level 80. Level 75 gaurds just makes them useless. At least allow them to be able to hit the enemy. Also, for a SW note, make our harbor gaurds the same as normal city gaurds. level 65 gaurds are useless. With the attackers on mounts, they get about two hits in before they reset, at least make those count.

4) Update the Epic NPCs. The Horse Gaurd in SW is still level 72, the poor guy in front of the Ogrimmar bank is still 60. So is the main Priest and Warrior elite in SW, can't remember any for the Horde, but they have to have some. Again, right now they are useless. You could even make achievements for taking them out. They have potential, but they are just sitting there.

I appreciate all feedback.
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*Steeples her fingers and taps them together slowly*

We have plans... oh yes we do...

And we'll be sharing more of this information at a later point in time along with a lot of other information we have in the works.
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Hey Neth!! :)

As exciting as all the upcoming (and current) 3.3 content is, a lot of us are *dying* for more information on Cataclysm, such as what's happening to old zones and info on new zones. I'm not asking for a "release date" of when we'll see more info, but it's been over 6 months since the Cataclysm website was updated, I think it's due time for some new info. Maybe another zone/dungeon preview. Something, anything :) If you could pass this message along to the appropriate people that can make this happen, I'll buy you a cookie at next year's Blizzcon. Promise.

We have plans for getting you all Cataclysm information "Soon-ish". Don't worry. ;) You think I've just been away from the forums off and on because I was avoiding you? pshaw... We're workin' here!

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It's official. Neth is an insidious fiend.

Oh, come now, this isn't new news is it? ;P