Unauthorized authenicator added, acct. stolen

#0 - Dec. 23, 2009, 2:40 p.m.
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Last night 12/22/2009 8:30pm(pacific time 30 minutes after customer support closes), while playing with my wife, who is on her account. I am booted off my account. When I try to log back in, I am asked for a 6 digit authenication code. I do not have this as an option. Over the next 2 hours, my wife and I on her account watch as each of my characters pop up on her friend list, and get looted.

I am a 50+ year old adult, who does not visit any website that does not have the green check mark provided by McAfee. I run weekly full scans, and do not share my password with anyone other than my wife, who was with me on her account at the time. The couple of addons I use were downloaded at www.curse.com, which I still believe is a safe site.

She puts in an in-game ticket, it still has not been answered. I go immediately to check my email. No emails from battlenet. I try to log in to battlenet, get the same message enter auth. code. I select recover lost password, and get a email now from battlenet that allows me to change password, however, I still can not get into my battlenet account or wow account as they have been linked to an authenicator which is not mine or authorized by me..

I will be calling customer support when they open this morning, which of course is way past time where anything could be done to save my characters. I have spent most of the last 7 hours reading in the forums here about hacked,lost or stolen accounts. I have played online games for the past 12 years, ultima online prior to wow, and have never had this happen. I only mention this to show, I am fairly cautious about password,account security.

So, I am not sure how this could have happened. I do wish there had been a fast way to put a block or dispute onto the account as that would have stopped the looting, and hopefully not the deleting of my characters.

This has been posted just as a FYI. Good luck to all WOW players as I will be canceling my account when I get customer service on the phone.
#4 - Dec. 23, 2009, 3:36 p.m.
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Happened to me too dood. I just spent 100 bucks on Aion. Installing it now.


Did you 'buy' an account?

Their rules are much like ours, and if you deal with those sort of things and individuals - may be why you've been compromised here.