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#1 - March 4, 2011, 7:30 p.m.
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I have a bad feeling This topic will get trolled but I am gonna post it anyways.

What it the purpose of this stupid spam, Some of us would like to see trade chat and cant becuase of this spam. I am starting new and its hard to use trade chat when this spam is going on.

I am on the sever Alterac Mountains. And the spam is really bad.

Question for the Blue/Blizz Employee/MVP is anything being done to stop this spam, and does it do any good to report the players for spam. Is anything done with those reports or is it just swept under the rug? Its really annoying. I could care less about the word choice, its just the trade spam that gets me.
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#6 - March 4, 2011, 7:39 p.m.
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The reason people spam isn't something I could necessarily answer - people vary quite a bit, after all. I think Kellann hit it pretty well on the head though.

Any spam is able to be reported, and should be. Any realm's status as far as spam and harassment go is directly related to the number of players who actively report on it - if the denizens of that realm do not report offenses, then other players feel that what they do is okay, and they may continue to do it at a greater degree.

Our Game Masters are a reactive service - this means we do need your help with reports of these situations. It helps us improve the quality of your realm, and that's part of why they're there for you. Utilizing the Report Spam feature is a good start, as it does generate a report that can result in that player losing their chat privileges for a little while. But if you notice there are particular individuals who are regular offenders, it would be best to open a petition regarding their behavior. This provides a Game Master with much more information (especially if they are a repeat offender), and may result in a harsher or longer penalty.

You may want to check out our support articles on Harassment and Account Penalties to get a bigger picture of how we work to educate players and how repeat offenses stack up over time.

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