Lying or Ignoring Feedback?

#1 - Oct. 2, 2018, 5:54 a.m.
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Look at this response by a Blizzard GM regarding a bug that's been reported SINCE August that's yet to be fixed: ( Picture of the Response )

Threads made regarding this Issue as early as August and if you're to search you will find many more in September as well; ( August 15 ) ( August 17 ) ( August 20 ) ( August 16 ) ( August 24 ) ( August 17 )
* ( August 30 ) * Note Feedback Forum hosted by a Blizzard GM *
I can list many many more but the point is made.

So as the GM claims this has never been reported ( not in their database ), have they deliberately been ignoring this feedback or are they lying? What do you think?
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#18 - Oct. 2, 2018, 11:18 p.m.
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10/02/2018 03:58 PMPosted by Jamalia
There is no reason to think the GM's are lying. There is also no reason to believe it's intentional. My guess is that there is no way for them to tell if a glitch happened, or not, so it's not one of the things GMs are able to help with (they're SO limited in what they can do- not sure why people think they have so much power).

GMs do have quite a bit of power, however fixing a bug isn't one of them. Even when it comes to keystones Game Masters are unable to manually restore a keystone. It's actually impossible for them to do due to how the keys are generated. Sometimes they even have no way to know if a bug is reported. Some bugs are tracked and handled differently than others so this could be one of them.

However, we are tracking and identifying the issues you guys have been mentioning regarding the Orbs in Temple of Sethraliss. These are some that can be a little difficult for QA to reproduce given the amount of variables that come in to play. So please be as detailed as possible in reports help them figure it out :)
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#33 - Oct. 3, 2018, 12:16 a.m.
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10/02/2018 04:49 PMPosted by Galadeon
I don't know, maybe have an easily searchable database of bugs that GM's can search through. You know, so they can more effectively do their job accurately. Change your SOP's and make it easier for everyone to see what is going on with fixes.

When it comes to larger known issues Game Masters are made aware to communicate but for the rest it's chalked up to asking players to report it if they feel like it's a bug. This issue that you guys are talking about isn't something widespread and its a very niche thing, so most players aren't going to ever encounter it. In fact its pretty rare to have witnessed it at all. This is just talking relative to the player volume here. I wasn't aware it was even a problem until yesterday for example because its something so rare.

10/02/2018 04:47 PMPosted by Dvis
Maybe I’m mistaken and thinking of EQ, but are GMs unable to pop in and observe something that is going on, say an instant run?

That's not what Game Masters do for World of Warcraft at least. They get tens of thousands of tickets a day, and it would be impossible to investigate every bug report that a Game Master receives. The queue times would be astronomically impacted if that was the case and we'd be back in the land of week long responses like we were in the past, rather than within 24 hours that we have now.

Also Quality Assurance is there to actually do that job, not Game Masters, which is why they're always instructing folks to put in bug reports as well as to post in the bug report forums. This is so it goes to the team that actually handles those things.