#1 - Sept. 18, 2018, 1:26 a.m.
Blizzard Post
As mentioned in the Reddit AMA last Friday, we’re working on balance tuning for Azerite Armor traits. We’re planning to make the following changes during this week’s maintenance period. Note that there are more changes already in the works; this is just a first pass, focused on bringing some of the biggest outliers up (or down) to more acceptable levels.

  • Archive of the Titans: Primary stat bonus increased by 20%
  • Laser Matrix: Damage reduced by 30%
  • Thunderous Blast: Damage reduced by 35%

Death Knight
  • (Frost) Frozen Tempest: Damage increased by 100%

  • (Feral) Blood Mist: Damage increased by 125%

  • (Beast Mastery) Feeding Frenzy: Damage increased by 400%
  • (Marksmanship) Arcane Flurry: Duration increased to 10 seconds, damage reduced by 45%

  • (Arcane) Brain Storm: Duration increased to 30 seconds, Intellect bonus reduced by 75%
  • (Fire) Firemind: Intellect bonus increased by 30%

  • (Windwalker) Iron Fists: Required targets reduced to 3
  • (Windwalker) Swift Roundhouse: Damage bonus reduced by 55%

  • (Assassination) Shrouded Suffocation: Damage bonus reduced by 40%

  • (Elemental/Enhancement) Natural Harmony: Secondary stat bonuses increased by 40%

  • (Affliction) Sudden Onset: Damage bonus reduced by 30%
  • (Demonology) Demonic Meteor: Damage increased by 200%
  • (Destruction) Flashpoint: Duration increased to 10 seconds, Haste bonus increased by 25%

  • (Fury) Simmering Rage: Damage increased by 35%