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#1 - Aug. 14, 2018, 10:56 a.m.
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The beginning of the expansion upset me a bit as the Horde once again walks all over the Alliance with a brazen raid into our main capital city with no consequences. Kinda leaves the alliance feel like the Hords toy or personal plaything.

However, the rest of the intro was great, I opted for Drustvar to start with and really got into the story.....for half of the zone. The zones are way too long. I just finished Drustvar, my first zone and am 114 and about 50K experience from 115. I did not run any dungeons. This was just questing, killing mobs and rares and some herbalism along the way. When you can almost level half way to level cap in 1 zone from questing it is too long. The story drags out worse than a daytime soap opera. The problem with this is you lose interest in the story. I stuck it out because I am a completionist and know I need to do it for pathfinder. I am now dreading the other 2 zones.

Parts of Drustvar are just brutal to quest in, and I am talking about Coralain mostly, but this will apply to other areas too. Mob density is way too high and spawn rate too fast. A fast spawn rate is great when you have a lot of people questing in an area, but when you give players 3 choices to start in the player load in any one area will be reduced. Also, it would be nice to have mob respawn rate be dynamic based on player load and how often/fats the mobs are being killed. I stood in 1 spot, by myself with no other players, and kept getting aggro on the same mob. I would kill it and it would respawn and I would kill it again and again. Felt like Groundhog Day. Along this line mob density is way to packed. I know in Corlain alone I dies at least 10 times because of mob density. While I am killing 1 mob I would aggro and keep aggro'ing mobs until I had a pack of 10 or more mobs beating on me. Even with a void walker, CD's/defensives, lock rocks, etc, I could not keep myself up or kill them fast enough.It was not a matter of positioning it was that the area was packed tighter with mobs than the entrance to the Anaheim Convention Center just before the doors open for the opening day of Blizzcon. Corlain was the worst but many of the questing areas was like this.

Speaking of over population, is there a problem with how herb nodes are spawning? I mean there were so many herb nodes in Drustvar I could not collect them all and it got to the point I started ignoring them. There was almost a herb node every 10 feet. I like the abundance of mats but man, the market for herbs is in the toilet. Herb prices for new ones are almost at the rate that Legion herbs were at the end of the expansion.

Finally, destro warlock leveling is awful. immolate, incinerate and conflagrate are almost useless as they do minimal damage and I end up spamming incinerate to generate shards so I can cast a chaos bolt which will one shot the mob but it has to in order to make up for the lack of damage elsewhere. And it takes many incinerates to generate enough shards to cast just 1 CB. And thats for 1 mob. The only way I could efficiently quest was by pulling large packs of mobs, using Cata, KJBW, RoF and the War Mode talent that allows single target spells to hit all mobs in the affected area. Also, I prayed I would kill them fast enough so that my void walker would not die because if he did, I was toast. Death and dying seems to have a negative impact on my leveling efficiency.

I want to enjoy leveling and have been trying to read quest text (I know, its weird someone would actually try that) and enjoy the new content but also want to cover the new content in a timely manner. The above issues are draining the enjoyment out of the game and of leveling.
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#2 - Aug. 14, 2018, 11:11 a.m.
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Just going to respond to a couple things here I have noticed with my play through.

I'm not quite to Coralain yet in Drustvar, but the rest of the zone leading through the Eastern half and then into the southern parts around Falconhurst have flowed pretty smoothly and effortlessly. Was it specifically just Coralain you noticed those problems in? There has always been players around since I started, so the questing has gone fast when tagging mobs with multiple people, even with some areas feeling "full" of mobs.

On that note, I can see how being nearly 115 at the end of Drustvar may seem a bit fast, but you really are only going to be leveling in your 3 primary faction zones. The other 3 zones will encompass the War Campaign, which will extend the story into those zones of the opposing faction and should help round out any levels you may still need (with Legion, even, you really only had four primary leveling zones, and I remember hitting 110 before even touching Stormheim myself).

I do wonder if your experiences with mobs in that area are related more closely to your experiences with Destruction overall - are you feeling the same challenges with other Warlock specs? The feedback on how you feel Destruction is currently is still useful regardless, and I'll make sure we pass it along.

I did also notice a large number of herbs compared to mining nodes, and I've made sure to flag it with the team.

Thanks for your feedback though! Hopefully your experience pans out as you approach 120. Would be helpful to hear how that goes for you once you make it there!