Another maintenance

#1 - Aug. 14, 2018, 11:08 a.m.
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First we have "scheduled" maintenance on Monday.
Then we have a terrible launch with the game being stuck on logging in screen forever to a point where I had to go to sleep.

Now I wake up and the game is finally working we are getting a scheduled maintenance AGAIN? Didnt we have enough downtown the past two days?
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#7 - Aug. 14, 2018, 11:22 a.m.
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08/14/2018 04:12 AMPosted by ├Łukionna
"Scheduled" 11 hours after launch? I mean sure, take them down and fix stuff, but don't play it off like it's scheduled.

I wonder how many streamers that are doing 24 hour streams will accidentally fall asleep.
We have regularly scheduled maintenance nearly every Tuesday, which normally encompass an hour of rolling restarts and such as needed. You can check for maintenances in the Service Status forum or in the launcher.

Nothing new here.

I do understand it can be frustrating if you were affected by downtime yesterday, but this helps us make sure everything is in the best shape for the rest of the week!