[Frozen] Asmongold and Blizzard Staff

#1 - July 12, 2018, 7:38 p.m.
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The title basically sais it all. This guy is sitting on twitch and all he does is complain about that state that wow is in and how great classic will be even though the bald man child has only experienced the last 5 months of Vanilla yet he acts like he was there since the beginning of wow back when it was in its alpha stages.


The other day he basically said that blizzard staff who make decisions about the game are all a [removed] and that they should all be fired. This guy continuously makes comments like this and then has the nerve to demand blizzard give him beta keys LOL. His stream revolves around doing old content, begging people for their twitch prime and then also getting free stuff from his fans whom are mostly [removed]

All this guy does is verbally abuse the crap out of people while inhaling the disgusting mold that is drifting in the air around him. He is a dirty disgusting person that wears the same shirt for days if not weeks. This man child showers once a week if not that and he is proud of it .

This is 2018 and we need to be carefull what we say to people. Some people are so fragile that calling their transmog bad could cause them to jump off a bridge. Asmongold is going to push someone over the edge one day. The US has had a few terrible things happen lately such as the school shootings. Children watch twitch streams and Asmongold is always at the top of the wow section.

One day some kid is going to lose his mind because of this man childs verbal abuse and its going to cause innocent people to get hurt. What he does "Where its a face personality he is playing or not" is a pure form of bullying. Some might find this amusing. But i assure u its not. I am being very serious and blizzard should take action against this guy. He is nothing but pure toxic.

also for the fanboys that are going to try and defend his actions. Stop being a delusional sheep. [removed] , no matter how much money or loot u throw at him. Don'd defend a guy that is clearly in the wrong just because his actions does not affect u but instead entertains you. If you find his actions entertaining then you are apart of the problem.

I also find it disgracefull that a GM would restore something for him from over 9 years ago but when the average player asks there is the response of "SORRY WE CANT DO THAT ITS TOO LONG AGO" [removed]

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#27 - July 12, 2018, 7:56 p.m.
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Normally we just delete these threads but let me weigh in and clarify on a few things.

1. Don't make threads calling people out. It just ends up with you getting a forum vacation. Its in the Code of Conduct, please remember to read it before you post anything on the forums.

2. If you're upset about the Twitch platform why are you complaining about it on the World of Warcraft forums? That's like ordering a Big Mac and then going to Best Buy and complaining to the customers that it doesn't taste good.

07/12/2018 12:38 PMPosted by Fishytank
I also find it disgracefull that a GM would restore something for him from over 9 years ago but when the average player asks there is the response of "SORRY WE CANT DO THAT ITS TOO LONG AGO" Srsly wtf is that...
The Game Master that worked on this issue actually did a stellar job. They were able to track down and find those items on a previous copy of the character because Asmongold had once transferred with those in his inventory. That's a rare find. You have to dig through characters, and the Game Master got lucky in finding it. This is something that we don't do often because it is just so rare, and something we can almost never prove that a character actually owned those items. Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean they aren't entitled to be treated like any other player.

Now that is said I'm going to be locking this one because it just won't be productive. Please refrain from attempting to "Name and Shame" anyone on the forums as it is something that earns you a pretty quick boot.