Blizzard Banning Xrealm Advertising

#1 - July 2, 2018, 7:10 p.m.
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In case you hadnt heard, blizzard will as of today, be making advertising for things like M+ carries, raid carries, arena carries, etc, a reportable offence.

They cite, and i quote from the blue post "these are often used as a cover for real-money sales, particularly given that in-game gold cannot be transferred cross-realm."

This shows a complete lack of understanding for the situation, as it is no coincidence that groups prices are almost always based entirely around the wow token, which can be bought and sold on separate servers. For reference, you would need to sell 3 carries and get 3 tokens, to then turn around and use the bnet balance on 2 tokens to sell on your realm. Thus moving the gold.

It seems every time you turn around lately, blizzard has made another bad move with the game, from the raid changes, removing tier, mythic+ gear swap changes, etc. I and others like me who make up the bulk of the mythic raiding and high m+ community, are extremely concerned with these changes and rightfully so.

Blizzard, these changes arent a good idea, you are hurting the upper level of players. We have had tried and tested methods and systems in place for more than a decade that have made WoW one of the most successful games in history. Why do you suddenly feel the need to turn them on their heads and shake them until the game isnt recognizable?

I know there will be those of you who think this change, and many of the others are good. If you do and choose to reply here, can you please explain why you think this way?

Sincerely, a concerned player
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#30 - July 2, 2018, 7:42 p.m.
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07/02/2018 12:18 PMPosted by Eppa
They aren't banning selling carries, they aren't banning advertising in trade chat.

They are banning creating groups in the group finder to sell carries.

I like this change. Group finder should't be used to advertise carries.


Also please don't make multiple threads. I literally created the topic