Fullscreen Gone in BFA

#1 - July 5, 2018, 6:39 a.m.
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For those who have not been on the beta or the beta forums Blizzard is killing fullscreen mode in BFA. You can still run in windowed fullscreen but fullscreen option is dead. While there are tons of reasons this is just a dumb idea here are just a few that seem most pressing to me at least.

1) Computers don't devote resources the same way to windowed programs as they do fullscreen programs

2) Computers can alter their behavior when running a fullscreen program. They can turn off notifications, put antivirus into a low resource mode, adjust heat management etc.

3) Gsync users will be forced to run gsync on even on their desktop and turn vsync off globally instead of being able to adjust it in game

4) There are reasons every other AAA developer not only supports fullscreen but enables it by default. A AAA game should be forced to run like a shady free to play browser based game

5) Taking choice away is ALWAYS a bad thing. I know that I like to take direct control of my system and tweak my performance. I bought a PC because I want that level of control. I want options.

6) Color profiles. Many people set up their own custom color profiles, most of these rely of full screen to work properly.

Blizz, if you see this, please, please dont let this change go live.

EDIT: Here is a source confirming this change is intended for those who are too shocked to believe a first party developer would do this on purpose

Credit to Charsi for finding this
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#161 - July 5, 2018, 10:52 p.m.
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Just mirroring again what was stated by Aerythlea on the EU forums but with a little bit of an update.

With DX12 there is no longer a Fullscreen option. Fullscreen(windowed) is essentially the Fullscreen now. This isn't something we changed with WoW necessarily but just how DX12 works now.

We're working on some stuff in the mean time to try to make the transition easier because some of the same settings currently don't exist between Fullscreen and Windowed Fullscreen in the live version of Legion that you're playing now. On the beta now you'll see a lot of options carried over into the sliders such as Gamma, Contrast, and Brightness that currently on Legion don't exist for Windowed Fullscreen.

Currently there shouldn't be too much difference when 8.0 goes live and if there is please let us know so we can look into that.
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#166 - July 5, 2018, 11:07 p.m.
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07/05/2018 04:01 PMPosted by Dliver
But some people are reporting significant performance penalties on the new "Fullscreen" because of the background. Is that something Blizz can address?

They should be reporting that in the BfA bug forums for sure.