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#1 - April 25, 2018, 11:09 a.m.
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I didn't see a thread for Holy Priests, so thought I'd create one and all feedback could be consolidated here.

My own thoughts:

- Loss of Light of T'uure just adds more to the feeling that Holy Priests are stuck being the immobile healer. Instant PoM would somewhat alleviate that, as would stronger Renew. Our speed boost talents should be upped to 60%.

- Little to nothing has been done to help Holy Priests with survivability in Mythic+. This will still be a very obvious shortfall of the Holy Priest, and we can already predict that they again will be second-class citizens when it comes to high levels of Mythic+. Ability of Disc Priests to spam shields on entire party will probably break the meta at the high end.

- Holy Nova now feels useless once again. Does tiny damage, heals even tinier damage. Holy Nova was once in this form, and it was changed because it was universally panned for being a joke, don't the developers remember this? The main consequence of this change has been to nerf Holy Priest questing.

- Divine Hymn was supported by many traits in the Artifact that are now gone. Divine Hymn feels especially weak in 5-mans, because the whole "heals for 10% more" aspect goes mostly wasted when you're the only one tossing out heals and you're also stuck channeling that actual spell. I suggest that its effectiveness be increased by 110%, rather than 100%, when used in dungeons. Could also build in the PoM bouncing from the Artifact as well.

- Adding channeling to Symbol of Hope just adds more to the feeling that Holy Priests are not allowed to move and be useful at the same time, unlike most other healers. Suggest either it be instant cast or allow moving while channeling.

- Appreciate the slightly lower cooldown on Guardian Spirit from 4 down to 3 minutes. It's still much longer than the external cooldowns of Resto Druids, Holy Pallies, and Mistweaver Monks. It should honestly function with the talent Guardian Angel built in, which is already forced to unsuccessfully compete against Light of the Naaru.

- Cosmic Ripple generally cannot compete against Holy Word Salvation and Apotheosis because it is uncontrolled healing that is also fairly weak. Sure, it's free healing, but free healing in this form is not worth a level 100 Talent point.

- Circle of Healing deserves a second look after its sad spot in Legion. Cooldown should be reduced, mana cost should be reduced, and/or healing should be increased. It does not come close to the other talents in its row right now. Remember when it used to be the Holy Priest equivalent to Resto Druid's Wild Growth? Guess which one stayed baseline and the core of AE healing, while the other was both made a talent and neutered beyond usability.

- It's time to talk about Heal. Right now, its only role is as the button you hit in LFR when all the healers are out of gas, 1/2 of the raid is dead, and you're just running on fumes until the Enrage Timer takes you to your sweet oblivion. Something should be done about it, but not in a way that it always competes with Flash Heal. Maybe for every Flash Heal you cast, the cast time of Heal is lowered by 5% and the crit is increased by 5%? Just a random idea basically stolen from the Resto Druid talent Abundance, I'm sure others will have better suggestions.
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#142 - June 2, 2018, 1:50 a.m.
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We've seen a lot of feedback on Apotheosis (and level 100 generally) after the talent swap. 2 changes in next build:

--Duration 20s and cooldown 2min (from 30s and 3min). The shorter cooldown is likely worth a lot more than 10s of added duration, in terms of how you usually want to use it to deliver strong healing for a situation that doesn't necessarily last 30 seconds.

--The bonus is +300% rather than +200%. This matches the strength that it has on live when Light of the Naaru is taken. Apotheosis didn't need to be weakened outright, and can have the synergy with Light of the Naaru baked in, now that you can't take both.