Multiboxer exploits report system

#1 - Jan. 9, 2018, 6:49 p.m.
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All credit goes to Reddit user Stickywickybob

"If you're on Emerald Dream US then you know theres a multi-boxer on Horde who runs like 20-druids and just ganks anyone at flight paths on Broken Isles and teleport points on Argus.

And most of us if not all of us know that fan of knives/shuriken storm can be OP as !@#$ with the right trinkets and legendaries.

I went into the crowd and spammed my AoE and somehow managed to down most of them. Vanished then did it again and got them all.

He didn't release for a while, i just kept /dancing on all his bodies.

You know that split second before someone releases, you see what theyre targeting? He was targeting me and I knew he would come back for me. Except he didn't.

But about 15 or so minutes gone by and I get disconnected out of the game. I log back in and my rogue is forced a name change (my rogue's name is ---- (edit: keeping it private to prevent witch-hunting) btw so it doesn't violate any rules."

So I'm like alright, not the first time its happened... (first time i was forced a namechange is bcuz some guy on my server made everyone report my name, then he took the name for himself :/...)

Anyways, I log in and i'm muted. I open a ticket and the GM responds to me within a few hours. Said I got reported for my name by 20 people and reported for spamming by 20 people. He lifted off the mute but won't reverse the name change. Its taken now.

Moral of the story: the automated punishment system is pretty unfair. I understand why a high volume of reports would cause automated bans to be set in course (to take the player out of the game so they can stop causing trouble.)

But i feel like they should at least be IP specific to prevent multiboxers from abusing the system. This used to happen in WoD when a multibozing livestreamer reported anyone he liked.

TLDR: ganked a multiboxer, he ganked me back with 20 simultaneous reports

Edit: PLEASE DON'T TARGET BLIZZ FOR THIS* Their automated bans are set in place for a just reason. If a series of report come in a place then the person has to be removed from the game granted the possibility that they could be violating rules. Its not blizz's fault, its the player's who abuse the system. Theyre not let off easily for this I believe, (look at what happened to Preparedwow) Point your pitchforks at people who don't respect the report system or don't point your pitchforks at all.

As for my name, i opened a ticket for it."

I apologize if this was in the forums already, I didn't see it when checking.
This kind of attitude makes my blood boil. A multibox ganker gets justice served and reports a player's name with all of their accounts and steals the player's name. This Druid should literally get every single one of their accounts banned. If you can get banned for exploiting bugs then why not the report system?
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#29 - Jan. 9, 2018, 8:53 p.m.
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Hey guys! I'm currently looking into this situation with the CS teams to figure out what happened here.

I just want to reconfirm though that player name reports are not automated at all. Once a report is made they're compiled into a ticket for a Game Master to review who then checks the name to see if it violates any rules based on the reports. Once its confirmed that it breaks any of our rules we then force the player to rename the character.

Locking this thread for now as General Discussion isn't the place to discuss Customer Service actions.