Windwalker PTR Concerns

#1 - Oct. 20, 2017, 4:32 a.m.
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Since there isn’t another thread, I will express my concerns, and the concerns of several of the knowledgeable people that work on Windwalker stuff with me, with the current state of Windwalker Monks on the PTR, both before and following the recent nerf of our t19 2pc and t20 4pc. I’m sure I’m becoming somewhat of a meme at Blizzard for the length and breadth of my posts, but… here we go.

Although it may seem like it, I am not asking specifically for Windwalkers to be buffed or claiming that we don’t have enough damage. So far the reactionary buffs have been appropriate, bringing Windwalkers from far below to the bottom of the average range when (consistently) needed. I understand statistics and that someone has to be at the bottom. What I’m concerned with, and writing about, is the Windwalker community and its continued decline in size, skill, and confidence.

I’ve been playing Windwalker since a few weeks into Mists and been an active part in the community since Throne of Thunder, and one of the de facto leaders for several years. So I’ve been around for awhile, seen the ups and downs, and talked to hundreds of players, heard their concerns and why they chose to play Windwalker or change to another spec, for a real long time.

I spent some time on the PTR testing out the changes and what is coming in Antorus:
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#59 - Oct. 24, 2017, 9:59 p.m.
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Just going to expand more on the adjustment to T19 two-set and T20 four-set.

While the reasoning of the adjustment to these sets has been correctly pointed out, in so far as we wanted to make sure players have a reason to transition to T21, another factor was how those set bonuses interacted in a multiplicative way.

Its not of course desired to change a previous tier to keep it in line with the power curve of the next tier, but we don't want the next tier coming up to be unworthy of replacing the previous tier, nor having to design the next tier to be so powerful that its a little silly. It just creates a harder mess to try and balance.

Keep in mind that the T21 sets that are on the PTR currently are not final and are still subject to change before they go live.