Stop Blaming Templates

#1 - Aug. 7, 2017, 4:19 p.m.
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instead blame class design.

Let's be real here, players in instanced pvp are all pretty close to power level. EQUAL POWER LEVEL. I will say it again.... EQUAL POWER LEVEL. Like it or not, every dps spec has a burst that can kill under 6 seconds on an innocent target. The problem is that some specs take forever to setup that burst while some such as sub rogues or demon hunters can frontload that 6 sec burst at any given time. That makes them seem more powerful, but you let a demo lock get setup on you and you will melt just as fast.

This is really noticeable when you get caught in a 1v1 situation. Yes it is a team based game blah blah blah but 1v1s happen. When you go against the spec that has massive front load damage with instant access to their burst while you are needing to ramp up for a few seconds and get your *insert body part here* shoved in your mouth, you will get on here saying "Screw you Blizzard and your templates" or "Nerf *insert spec here!!!!"


Ask Blizz to fix your class design.

Not the templates.

Blame Blizzard for making your spec not have instant access to burst. Blame Blizzard for making your spec ramp up for 20 seconds to then get cc'd at just the wrong time and lose your entire ramp up for another minute.

Stop Blaming the Templates......

The only valid argument right now against templates is that it took away your personal experience of starting out as an undergeared noob and gearing up through a weeks long struggle. Or that you miss spending 100g a win until you are half geared and convince a guildee to que with you. Or maybe you miss stomping fresh noobs with your fully geared toon. Though I don't agree with them, you can rightfully blame templates for that. The rest of us don't like fighting a kid in skinny jeans 3 sizes too small holding a pool noodle painted like a real sword or a bean bag launcher disguised as a sniper rifle. Put your big boy pants on and fight people that aren't half your health pool.

Rant over and I do feel better now.
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#424 - Aug. 29, 2017, 3:27 p.m.
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Locking this down, you have constructive feed back, by all means reply, but this has devolved into an insult war.