Ornyx, i"m sorry

#1 - July 11, 2017, 11:27 p.m.
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While I have no inside information about the changes that happen with wow, I was of the idea that you were the only forum mod left.

Without some automation I suspect your work load has truly done a lot more than doubled, and you may even be eating tums by the bottle full if you dislike having to tell people tough noogies or some such.

I don't think you have the meanness in you to do something like that to the forum without being made to do so.

Could be wrong, and I don' like being wrong, but I hope ya make it through this storm

I mean

having to defend

Flying / no flying

scaling / ilvl scaling

misleading and failed things

not fixing bugs like not being able to compete pillars quest in LFR TOS

and a million other things I think ya outta get the patient title appended over your name in the forums as well as in game.

Hang in there

If the outrage and work goes up and stays up, ya might ask for a raise for having to do more work / job enlargement.

God bless ya

ETA, oops, forgot to mention removing the dislike button but not the like button.
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#11 - July 11, 2017, 11:55 p.m.
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Learning time about Blizzard Community teams! There's a difference between Community Managers and Forum Moderators.

CMs are part of the regional Community teams, and are generally here as a representative to and from the development team, etc.

Forum Moderators are part of our Customer Support team, and are generally here to moderate the forums, delete threads, edit posts, etc.

Just for some clarity: I'm the Community Manager for WoW in North America - and there are a number of moderators in the shadows at all times, just like our in-game GMs!

From the CM side: You may occasionally see Lore or Kaivax popping in and out, especially on the PTR and Class Development forums, as they are handling some more broad-scope, less region-specific Community operations now. And I have Aeridel and Rythmor assisting me here on the forums if I'm ever out of the office, but they handle Social Media and Relationships, respectively, as their main functions.