Holy Paladin 4p Tier 21

#1 - July 19, 2017, 4:41 p.m.
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Please reconsider the 4 piece effect. Blessing of Sacrifice is simply not a frequently used spell in our Mythic Progression raids because it is not only inferior to iron bark, but it also has a longer cool down. There are two main reasons why.

Firstly, it is a damage transfer more so than a damage reduction. Yes, the target will take less damage, but that is just because the paladin is taking it instead. The only mitigating aspect of the spell comes from artifact traits. With 4 points, it is about an 8% DR. Woohoo?

Secondly, sacrifice is not reliable, damage will transfer so long as we are above a certain HP threshold. As such, if the tank needs a CD for anything other than a 1-time attack, we have to hope that i dont drop below the health threshold.

So ironbark is stronger in all aspects with a flat damage reduction that is greater than sac's damage transfer, more reliable, and on a shorter cooldown. Naturally, tanks call for this cooldown first and it is often up every time it is needed.

To bring this full circle, this 4p just doesnt complement a healthy playstyle. The goal of our 2p is to provide more beacon healing to the tanks, keeping them healthier. However, in order to proc 4p, the tanks need to dip below 50%. While this, of course, happens naturally, it opposes what we are trying to do with 2p. Frankly, sacrifice isnt a good enough external CD to warrant this playstyle. I keep it ready in case the tanks call for it, but i can count the number of uses during the last month on 1 hand because ironbark is always the preference.

As it currently stands, I would be far more likely to run 4p 2p of t20 and t21 respectively than to bother with the current t21 4p. The current 4p is just not impactful as a set bonus.
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#14 - July 26, 2017, 6:25 p.m.
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In a future build you will have a different 4-piece set bonus.