Remove Ordos' cloak requirement.

#1 - July 7, 2017, 11:26 p.m.
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This is just so silly now. For reference, I'm trying to get Olivia's Graceful Gaze for my hunter xmog, since I just absolutely hate the look of a lot of hunter sets, however, this one, single item, is the only unique drop off of a world boss that requires an unattainable legendary. It's been 5 years now, nobody cares about the cloak, just remove the damned requirement.
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#279 - July 10, 2017, 10:11 p.m.
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Hey guys,

Thanks for all the feedback on this over the weekend - super appreciate the concise arguments for change.

I've sent all of the feedback here over the development team, so I'll let you know when I hear an update!