#1 - June 14, 2017, 12:52 a.m.
Blizzard Post

Along with the launch of Patch 7.2.5 we are making tuning adjustments to a number of soon-to-be-available Tier 20 set bonuses. The target is as usual, relative power balance between Tier 20 set bonuses of different classes/specs and with the previous tier's set bonuses.

Note that this is the round of Tier 20 tuning we're doing before Tomb opens, and we may make further adjustments as needed once Tomb opens and we have more live data.

Death Knight - Frost
    2pc: Requires 60 Runic Power (up from 40) spent per 1 sec of duration increase to Pillar of Frost.

Druid - Balance
    4pc: Total buff duration increased to 20 sec (up from 15 sec).

Druid - Feral
    2pc: Rip generates 1 Energy (down from 2) when it deals damage.
    4pc: Rip deals 10% (down from 15%) increased damage and lasts 4 sec (down from 8 sec) longer.

Mage - Frost
    2pc: Critical strike damage bonus granted reduced to 20% (down from 30%).

Hunter - Marksmanship
    4pc: Aimed Shot reduces the cast time and focus cost of your next Aimed Shot by 8% (down from 15%). Buff duration reduced to 6 sec (down from 12 sec).

Monk - Windwalker
    2pc: Swapped with 4pc and is now: Rising Sun critical strikes reduce the cooldown of Fists of Fury by 3 sec (up from 2 sec).
    4pc: Swapped with 2pc and is now: "When Fists of Fury ends, the critical strike chance of Rising Sun Kick is increased by 65% (up from 50%) for 5 sec."

Paladin - Retribution
    2pc: Swapped with 4pc and is now: "Judgment increases Blade of justice damage by 15% for 8 sec."
    4pc: Swapped with 2pc and is now: "Blade of Justice generates 1 additional Holy Power."

Priest - Shadow
    4pc: Insanity drains 10% slower (down from 15%) while in Voidform. Insanity drains 5% slower (down from 10%) while in Voidform if you have Surrender to Madness talent.

Rogue - Assassination
    2pc: Swapped with 4pc and is now: "Garrote costs 25 less Energy and has 12 sec reduced cooldown."
    4pc: Swapped with 2pc and is now: "Garrote deals 60% (up from 30%) increased damage."

Rogue - Outlaw
    2pc: Free Pistol Shots increase your critical strike chance by 5% (down from 10%) for 8 sec.
    4pc: Half-power Adrenaline Rush duration reduced to 8 sec (down from 10 sec).

Shaman - Elemental
    2pc: Swapped with the 4pc and is now: "Reduce the cooldown of Fire Elemental by 3 sec (Storm Elemental by 1.5 sec) when Flame Shock periodic damage deals a critical strike. This effect may occur once every 1 sec."
    4pc: Swapped with the 2pc and is now: "While Fire Elemental [or Storm Elemental] is active, your Flame Shock deals 40% (up from 20%) increased damage over time and always critically strikes."

Warlock - Affliction
    2pc: Soul Shards generated from Corruption damage reduced to 0.65+Haste per minute (down from 1.2+Haste per minute).

Warrior - Arms
    4pc: Now casts a total of 3 (down from 6) Mortal Strikes during Bladestorm and a total of 2 (down from 4) Mortal Strikes during Ravager.